Calculate a Field's Value Not working

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    Asked on August 12, 2016 at 09:36 AM


    I'm working on a complex registration form and have come to the fee portion.  I've set values on my radio button choices and checkboxes. I need to charge $25 for each debate entry, and $20 for the first IE event and $5 for each additional event up to three events for high school and 1 for younger participants. 

    This is what I have set up for the debate calculations:


    And this is what I have set up for Speech calculations:

    At first these didn't work but after adding the same conditions twice they are all working except for IE Fee 6, which is still only giving a result of $15. It looks exactly like all the others. I have tried and tried and it still won't calculate beyond 15 when I add more events under Varsity Entries 6 under Student Registration. Can you help? Why did I have to duplicate the conditions to make them work, too? 


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    Answered on August 12, 2016 at 12:00 PM

    I'm sorry, you actually have 123 conditions and I am not sure if I can easily understood how your calculation works with only a few details. However, I did check the "IE Fee 6" to see if there's a problem that I can notice. Here's my recommend to fix the problem:

    1. First, please avoid creating duplicate conditions, there might be a chance that this will cause a conflict.

    2. Make sure to use the math functions shown in the condition wizard, example, instead of hitting "+" in your keyboard, click the "+" in the condition wizard.

    3. Remove the "$" sign in the calculation, you already have setup an input mask where the "$" will be placed. 

    Here's the screenshot of the changes I made:


    4. Make sure there are no extra spaces on your calculation. 


    Here's my cloned form so you can test it: Here's a screenshot showing that IE Fee 6 now calculates:


    Possible cause of the problem:

    1. Adding a non-numeric character like "$" on your form calculation might have prevented it to work.

    2. Duplicate conditions might conflicted to one another.

    3. If you have manually typed or input the numbers and math functions, they might have declared as "string" rather than "numbers", which prevented the calculation to happen.


    I hope that helps.