I have had an unusually large number of credit card denials from clients who charge for our services through our website (www.AdvantagePrep.net)

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    Gary Campbell 
    Asked on August 15, 2016 at 07:19 PM

    This is an example of one of the many credit card denials that I have received from customers trying to pay for our services.  I contacted Stripe.com, the company who processes the credit card charges and they said they never received the credit card information for Brian Black.

    At 10:52 AM today, August 15th, Brian attempted to register his daughter, Samantha Black for our ACT prep course.  He filled out the registration form on our website and submitted it along with his credit card information.  I received a verification from Jotform that the registration had been submitted, but the total charge was listed as $0.00.  This also occurred last week with a number of registrations.  For some reason, they are not receiving some of the registrations that are being submitted. 


    Please check into this situation as we are nearing our "busy season" and I want to make sure we have all of the glitches ironed out so that this problem is solved.  Thanks for you help.


    Gary Campbell, Director

    Advantage Educational Programs


    First Name Samantha 
    Last Name Back
    Primary Phone 6514235908
    Alternate Phone 6512146771
    School Rosemount
    Grad. Class 2018
    First Name Brian
    Last Name Back
    Address 13313 Danube Lane
    City Rosemount
    State MN
    Zip Code 55068
    Email Address brianfback@gmail.com
    ACT 1st Choice 136
    ACT 2nd Choice 145
    Please check the appropriate boxes: I would like to pay with a credit card.
    Total: 0.00 2
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    Answered on August 15, 2016 at 10:55 PM

    After reviewing your form I noticed that you had many submission like Samantha Black's

    After cloning your form and doing some test I was able to reproduce the error. Even though there is only one product in your stripe field. It is possible that users do not check the ACT COURSE. When submitted with out checking the option users do not get billed.

    To avoid this problems, enter the stripe wizard. Press NEXT until you reach the product list. Once you have selected the ACT COURSE, you can just enable the option SELECTED BY DEFAULT. When the form loads the product will already be selected. 

    This way you will never have this problem again, even if your users fail to check this option.