How can I take an approval from another person before form comes to the inbox?

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    Asked on August 17, 2016 at 09:50 AM


    I need an online form for my employees. They should fill it and when they say "send", the form should drop the inboxes of their captains. If their captain approves their forms, then the whole form should come to my inbox.

    How can I do this?



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    Answered on August 17, 2016 at 12:23 PM

    Unfortunately, we don't have a direct feature that can create this type of workflow. However, it is possible with the use of autoresponder emails, edit submissions link and conditions

    Please give more more time to create a demo form regarding this. I will get back to you once it is done. Thank you for your patience.

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    Answered on August 17, 2016 at 04:45 PM

    Thank you for patiently waiting. Please try this work around:

    1. Please create 2 sections in your form. The first section will be filled by the user and the other will be for the approver. Please separate them using the Form Collapse Tool.

    2. You need to create 2 email notifications (for the captain and for you) and 1 autoresponder email.

    Captain Approval - 1st notification - The email that will be received by the captain for approval.
    Approved Forms - 2nd notification - This will be emailed to the assigned recipient once the Captain edited the submission and approved the submission.
    User-Approved - autoresponder - The email that will be received by the submitter.

    3. Please open the autoresponder email (User - Approved) wizard. Go to the Advanced tab and please enable the Send on editing submission. If this is enabled, the submitter/user will received an email every time the submission is deleted.

    3. For the 1st notification (Captain Approval), please add the Edit Submission Link. In this way, the captain just needs to click the Edit Submissions Link in the notification and he will be able to edit the submissions of the user. From here, he can enter the code and approved the form. Once he is done, he can submit the form so that the changes will be saved.

    In the email editor, just click the Form Fields dropdown and select Edit Link. This will generate a value of {edit_link}.

    4. After that, you need to create a Show/Hide field condition that will show the Approved status and Approved By fields if the code entered is correct. Once its correct, the captain will be able to choose whether it is approved or not.

    5. You need to create a Change Email Recipient condition. This condition will send the 2nd notification (Approved Forms) to the assigned email recipient. The condition states that if the Approved field is set to Yes, the the 2nd Notification will be sent to to assigned email recipient.

    Just a recap, here's the workflow:

    a. The user completed the form and submit it.
    b. The captain will receive the 1st notification with an edit submission link.
    c. The captain clicks the link and the submission opens with the pre-filled data.
    d. The captain clicks the "Captain Use Only" form collapse so that the Approved fields will appear.
    e. If the captain select "Yes" and hit submit, the 2nd notification will be sent to you.
    f. The notification that you will receive contains the information that the submission was approved.

    Here's a demo form:, you can clone it if you like.

    Hope this helps. If you need any clarifications, let us know. Thank you.