Centering Labels and Fields Only?

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    Asked on August 18, 2016 at 03:25 AM

    I went into the Designer and widened this form to 1000px wide which added the red background areas behind the header text.

    I also manually added this code in the <head> from an earlier Tech Support answer that centers the entire form on the page:


    <style type="text/css">

    .form-all {

        margin: auto !important;




    My question is, "Is there a way to maintain the relationship between all the labels and fields on the page in the entire form just as they now (justifying to the left) but in the full-screen view, just move them over to the right to where they center as a block in relation the dark red header element?" Hope that makes sense?

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    Answered on August 18, 2016 at 07:07 AM

    I am sorry, but I am having little confusion to understand the requirement.

    I am checking this form: And I am able to see all the labels and fields are properly aligned. 

    Can you please send us the screenshot, exactly what do you want to achieve, so we can easily understand the requirement, and can give you the best solution. 

    Below is the guide to attach screenshot on Forum:

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    Answered on August 18, 2016 at 07:36 AM

    If you want to keep all the form fields at center of the Form, then please inject the below css code:


        width: 600px;

        margin-left: auto;

        margin-right: auto;



    You can verify it on my Clone form here:

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    Answered on August 20, 2016 at 06:32 AM

    Irshad, that fixed it - THANKS!