Having problem uploading large files using upload form

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    Asked on August 18, 2016 at 06:48 PM

    having problem uploading large files using upload form.

    I have the size limit set to 8 gig but still fails to upload a 1.9 Gigabyte video file.

    Smaller files seem to work ok, not sure what size starts to fail but seems to be anything around 1 gig or bigger


    I know there is a limit of 100 Mb if uploading multiple files but single files should be ok, right?


    Need help, customer is trying to upload a file to me for there job.



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    Answered on August 18, 2016 at 08:19 PM

    Never mind, just finally found out that no files over 1 gig can be uploaded. Really?!!! 

    In today's cloud based world, a 1 gig file size limit is laughable. Its great to have 10 gig of storage but if I need to upload a 4 gig DVD image file and can not, then having all the storage in the world won't help.

    Also what is the point of having Dropbox integration if you are going to store the files on your server as well. Why not cut out your servers and just code the upload to go straight to Dropbox, or give us the option at the least. I am sure this could be accomplished with a small amount of R&D and a little help from Dropbox.

    This is very disappointing, and basically means that your service is completely useless for our company. I wish you guys would make this limit known to everyone right upfront and not have to search around for it later.

    Been paying for this service so our customers can upload artwork, audio, and video files to us for duplication. After much frustration from some of our customers trying to upload and others having no problems, knowing the 1 gig file limit now clears up why the problem was happening.

    It sure would have taken a whole lot of frustration away if when I increased the size limit in the settings to above the 1 gig limit an error message would have popped up to inform me. But no, your web interface just accepts the unacceptable new size limit, and saves it into the form settings with no hint that it won't accept the larger size limit. Come on people how hard would that be? Or do you like it this way so we just keep paying until we figure it out on our own.

    Really a shame, I enjoyed using your service and the ease in which the forms can be made and integrated into my webpage. If you could at the least increase the limit to 2gig that would satisfy most users for the short term, but really 4.7gig should be the maximum. (2 hours DVD video) Thanks for your time and consideration, just payed for the current month so I will cancel my account later.   Mark


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    Answered on August 18, 2016 at 10:50 PM

    Our apologies for the troubles and any inconvenience this may have caused. The limit is 1GB for the single file upload field. You can enable the multi-upload feature to allow multiple files. You can ask your clients to divide the single file and make sure not to exceed 1GB per file. This is the only way for now. Otherwise, you can do the workaround of asking your clients to upload the file to their own repository like Google Drive and send you the link instead for you to download. Well, this is just a workaround for you to get the files.

    As for the Dropbox integration, there is the limit and this is one of the reasons why you cannot bypass our servers. The limit is counted based on the stored files. We can request this to our developers if you wish, but we cannot guarantee you that this will be considered in the future.

    As for the limit warning, well I think that is because there is the multi upload option. But I do get your point and I will note it and pass along to our developers for consideration. 

    We have the following guides for the file upload field:




    As for adjusting the current limit to 2GB, we can send a request to our developers about it, but then again, we cannot tell you if the request will be considered in a short period of time. We will have to wait until our developers will look into it and update us if ever. Let us know. 

    Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.