How to redirect users to a different form after submissions limit has been reached

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    Asked on August 25, 2016 at 04:52 AM

    Hi there,

    I'm working on this scenario: applicants must register for an online conference. We have a limited number of places. When the maximum number is reached, I want to redirect them to another form where they can register for the "Waiting list" (in case any registered participants resigns in advance). Moreover I'd like the applicants to see how many submissions are left, for the sake of "transparency". 

    Is there a way to redirect users to a specific URL (or skip to specific page, show/hide fields, etc.) when the submissions limit has been reached? The only option I found (also searching the forum) is to disable the form once the limit is reached. I tried also by putting a link in the warning message in the General Preferences, but links are not active. 

    Showing the remaining number of places would be easily doable by using "Submission Counter" widget. But it would not solve the problem of redirecting the applicants to the Waiting list form when the limit is reached. 

    In fact, I found a workaround combining 2 widgets: "Submission Counter" + "Form calculator", but it was extremely tricky to set up:

    Basically I set up a submission limit of 3 in the form preferences, thinking in fact of a submission limit of 2... This means that for 100 submission limit, I would have to set the actual limit to 101. 
    Then I set "Submission counter" to show the number of participants who already registered, while "Form calculator" performs a simple calculation: the max number of submissions I want (in this case 2) - value of "Submission limit". I have to keep "Submission counter" visible, otherwise "Form calculator" won't do the math... 

    In this way, "Form calculator" shows "0" when there's actually 1 submission left. This was necessary in order to keep the form "alive", otherwise it would be simply disabled when it reaches its limit. 

    When "Form calculator" shows "0", a text box with the link to the waiting list form is shown, and all other fields are hidden by using show/hide conditions. 

    It seems to work, but it was really difficult to understand how to set it up. 

    Please tell me that I'm really blind and dumb, and that there's a shorter/easier way to do it...


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    Answered on August 25, 2016 at 09:20 AM

    That is a very clever way of setting it up, Thomas.

    In general, we do have the ability to set form submission limits, but they cannot redirect users to a different form when the limits are reached. We can only control the message that displays when submission limits are reached.

    Based on the workflow you've described, I don't see any easier or simpler method than the one you've already set up. If you think about it a little closer, not only is it a very clever use of our existing widgets and functionality, but it is actually quite simple. We are only needing to use two widgets (Form Calculation, Submissions Counter), one Text field (which displays the message with a link), and one show/hide condition (with both a Show and a Hide Multiple action).

    I'm sure the method you've posted in the forum will also be helpful to other users who are looking for a similar solution.

    If you have any questions or need assistance with anything else, please let us know and we'll be glad to help. Cheers.