Workflow authorisation form?

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    Asked on August 31, 2016 at 08:30 AM

    Hi I'm looking for a solution that enables my to send a form to be authorised by multiple users I was wondering if your product does this?  to create a workflow email authorisation. 




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    Answered on August 31, 2016 at 09:45 AM

    I am not sure if I understood your concern correctly. May we know what you meant by workflow email authorization?

    Is it similar to a multi-level or an approval form? 


    1. Applicant fills out your form.

    2. Email will be sent to HR.

    3. HR will review the submission and update it by stating if it is approved or denied. HR can put his/her signature on it.

    4. HR will re-submit that submission.

    5. Email will be sent to Manager

    6. Manager will receive the updated submission. The manager will review the submission and update it by stating if it is approved or denied. Manager can put his/her signature on it. 


    Is that what you are trying to accomplish? If so, this is possible by using the following features:

    1. First, you can make your form multi page and dedicate pages specific to the target user. Example, page 1 is for the applicant. Page 2 is for HR. Page 3 is for Manager. Here's a guide for that: Make sure that each page has it's own submit button.

    Here's the HR page. 


    2. Now it can only be accessed if the "HR Only" text box has the correct input. You can use conditional logic for this. Here's a guide that you can follow on how to show/hide a field or a page break if the input is correct or not: 

    It is like this:

    Now that conditional logic will only display the "Page Break" to proceed on page 2 IF the "HR Only" text box has an input of "hr123" which serves as the access key.


    3. Now create email notifications or autoresponders for specific users. Here's a screenshot showing what I meant:

    I have 3 email alerts, 2 email notifier (one for HR and the other is for the Manager). And 1 autoresponder email which is for the applicant.

    To learn more about setting up email notifications and autoresponders, you can check this guide: 


    4. Now you only want to send the email alerts IF a certain field is filled out. Example, send the "To HR" email alert IF applicant signature or applicant name has been filled out. Same goes with the manager, send the "To Manager" email alert IF HR signature is filled out. 

    To learn more on how to set conditional logic on your email alerts, you can check this guide: 


    5. Now how does your HR or Manager update the submission of the applicant? That can be done by adding the {edit_link} in your email template. Your HR or Manager should use the edit link if they want to update a submission. Here's a screenshot showing where you can find it:


    You now have a multilevel or approval form. If I misunderstood your concern, please do let us know.