Form with multiple conditions is getting freeze and crashing.

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    Asked on September 22, 2016 at 02:17 PM


    At my new job, my boss asked me to create a pretty complex form that would be set out to execute various functions. Before I started I did some research on several form generating websites and ended up choosing Jotform because it seemed like the best option.

    I was impressed by all the different functions that the conditional logic prompts allowed me to do and was very pleased with the website. 

    I've spent nearly a week working exclusive on designing this form and carefully programming all of its functions.

    Now that I'm finally done I'm very disappointed and I was hoping you could help me. 

    The internet speed at the office I work is extremely high (when I run a speedtest it gives over 800mbps). However, the form is very slow to open. But the main problem is when I try to go back to the form after submitting it the first time, to edit it and submit again. Some times the form will open (though very slowly) but most times the page becomes unresponsive and the browser kills it (as you can see in the image attached). All that happens when I use google Chrome. When I tried using Explore the form wouldn't even open the first time. 

    The main function of this form is to send out different emails based on different actions. I tried setting up the sender email as my company's, but after multiple trials and failures I gave up. I found a way around it and made the "Sender's name" be my company's email and that makes the email look like it came from us, not jotform. And that's ok, it looks ok. The problem is that sometimes the emails fail to send for no reason (even though the STMP is jotform's default noreply email). After I went through each email configuration and changed the "Sender's name" for that specific email to what I wanted it to be, (, out of nowhere Jotform changed ALL of them back to the default Sender's Name "JotForm". That happened when I was running a test to my co-workers and made me look irresponsible. 

    Another problem I am encountering is that the Autoresponder emails that I created are not being send out when their conditional logic is met. And that is a crucial function of the form. 

    I was also disappointed that I could not remove the word EDIT: from the subject line of the emails that are sent out upon a second or third submission, but that I could also live with. 

    Other than that I really appreciate the customer service you provide of quick response and problem solving for the questions I've had. I don't mean to be rude or anything I just want to know if this will work as swiftly and as reliably as it should or if I should ask my boss for more time and start from scratch on a different website.

    Thank you 

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    Answered on September 22, 2016 at 04:24 PM

    I have tested your form and I can see the same problem, usually this happens when the option "Continue Forms Later" is active, but this does not seem to be the case as your form does not have this feature enabled.

    I can see you have 42 conditions in your form, and even when I cloned the form I was able to replicate the issue as well, here is a screenshot of the message that I got when tried to fill out the form: 

    I have disabled the conditions in your form and then the problem seems gone, please take a look to my testing forms. 

    This form has all the conditions, it is a clone of yours and the problem  is there: 

    This form does not have the conditions in it, all the conditions have been disabled and it seems to work fine: 

    I would suggest you to simplify your conditions, for example, you can simplify this condition: 

    Instead of showing or hide multiple fields you may group them into a Form Collapse tool and simply show the tool instead of all the fields, here is a guide that will help you with the Form Collapse tool and grouping fields into it: Show-or-Hide-multiple-fields-at-once-using-form-collapse-tool

    However, if the issue still continues on your end, please let us know, we will be glad to further help you. 

    Regarding to your other questions, they have been moved to another threads, this is in order to avoid confusion and assist you better, please take a look to the threads listed on the links below: 

    We will assist you on those threads as soon as possible.