Configuration Lisg widget: No data in PDF submission?

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    Asked on September 28, 2016 at 02:57 AM

    I have the same issue with my form however the fix above only worked on the email notification it did not apply to the PDF attachment that is sent with the email notification which is what is saved as an auditable record of training.   I've changed both my configurable lists (note one is hidden intentionally as we switched mid-way through the collection process to the configuable list).  

    Link the form: 


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    Answered on September 28, 2016 at 03:23 AM

    The configurable list widget and other fields is not displayed in your PDF submission because you have created a custom PDF layout design. This can be done using the "Customize PDF" option under the "PDF" button in your submissions page.

    If you use that feature, a PDF Design is created under the "Reports" list. You can click the pencil icon to edit it:


    Here's how it looks like in your PDF Design editor, you can see that the widgets and other fields are not here, which means they will not be in the downloaded PDF submission:


    The "Customize PDF" feature allows you to create a fixed layout for your PDF submission. This means it will not automatically adjust based on your submission or your form's content. It is similar to a printed paper layout. So let's say you added a new field or widget in your online form, the submission data on those new fields will NOT be added in the PDF submission. Why? Because your customized PDF layout did not have those fields in the first place. To learn more about this feature, please check this guide: 

    To fix this, you can simply click the reset button, or you can delete the PDF design and create a new one.

    If you want to revert back to the default PDF layout of JotForm, then you can do that simply deleting the "PDF Design" under the "Reports" list. Once the PDF Design is deleted, the default PDF layout of JotForm will be applied, the default PDF layout allows your PDF submissions to adjust based on your form's current content.


    In the form builder, if you add new fields and new submissions have been received, they will automatically appear in the default PDF layout of your submissions once downloaded. 


    I hope that helps.