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    AJ Kramer
    Asked on April 26, 2012 at 09:31 PM


     My wife and I are starting a small business and are looking to Shopify as an option for our online store.  While Shopify has some impressive templates, and much of the ecommerce functionality we need, it is lacking some features that are critical to our product.  Shopify recommended we talk with JotForm about helping with some of this functionality.  Our product is a personalized product, which requires customers to upload a photo (typically a jpeg) upon checkout.  Right not Shopify does not have this functionality so we need to have this capability.  I believe this uploader is possible with JotForm.  Along with this “file upload” functionality, we need the ability to require the file be a certain size.  Our product enlarges the customers photo, so if the resolution is to low the product looks like crap.  We have seen that an acceptable resolution can be related to file size.  The minimum threshold of 500kb is what we have seen as an acceptable resolution.  Once this minimum threshold is met the customer can then checkout and complete the order.  Of course we would need a way to receive the file and the ability to identify which file goes with which order.  It would be pretty embarrassing to ship a product to a customer with someone else’s photo.  Storage of the files should be no issue but the functionality described above is an issue and critical to the store. 

    We would like to begin discussions about the ability of the JotForm application to provide not only the file upload functionality on our Shopify online store but also a somewhat of a gatekeeper based on the meeting of a file size requirement described above.  I truly appreciate your time and hope that the JotForm application can help us meet our needs. 

     A.J. Kramer


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    Answered on April 27, 2012 at 05:26 AM

    Hi AJ,

    If I understand correctly, this is not a Shopify integration question. =)

    I believe that the functionality you needed can be provided by JotForm out-of-the-box.
    You can actually try it out first. You can start by creating a JotForm Basic Free account and start your chrono, then go here: JotForm Easiest Form Builder And  How-to-Create-Web-Forms-Really-Fast?

    Once satisfied with the try out, you may want to check also the paid plans.

    Feel free to contact us should you need further details and assistance. Thanks.