I have two quizzes in two forms. Q2 is active if Q1 is failed. How to auto-continue from Q2 when I embed these from into my web site I was also thinki

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    Asked on October 12, 2016 at 06:43 AM

    2) Alternatively, if I go with two forms, I know how to set things up. But I would seek your thoughts on following:

    So, consider the form1 embedded on my website and anyone can go to form 2 only if he fails in form1. There wont be any direct link. Now, say if somebody fails in form1 but doesn't finish form2 in a session, when the person goes back to form page on website, I want him to see form2 rather than form1. Or have some way like when enters his email id, he is directly taken to form2 and form1 is skipped based on his history or any other way.

    I was also thinking about a way to pull his result for previous quiz based on his email id and then redirect to the right quiz but I couldn't find a way to do so.

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    Answered on October 12, 2016 at 08:14 AM

    I am escalating your question to our support team. They will suggest ways to do it. Please wait for their answers. Thank you for your patience.


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    Answered on October 12, 2016 at 11:56 AM

    I'm afraid such requirement would need to be implemented outside of our forms, by hiring a web developer to perform such coding on your website directly. Our forms cannot detect returning users and conditionally show themselves in the way you have described.

    If you want to implement similar functionality with our forms without hiring a web developer and doing custom coding, you would need to embed the two forms on two different pages of your website. Then, you will be able to redirect users to the second form when they submit your first form.



    With this alternative setup, you would need to add a note on that second page for your users to bookmark it, in order to access form 2 again in the future.

    I hope this helps.