Visual Report Builder Appears to be Offline

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    Asked on October 12, 2016 at 03:06 PM

    May be old news.  I'm unable to access Visual Report Builder.  When I select this option, the site loads forever then the attached message appears.  Thanks,

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    Answered on October 12, 2016 at 08:05 PM

    We had earlier a temporary problem with our Support Forum not loading, this may have affected some other pages in our site and this is most likely the reason why you got that message and were unable to load the Visual Report Builder. 

    However, this was quickly fixed and all should be working now, I have also checked in one of your forms and I was able to access to the report builder, here is a screenshot about it. 

    Could you please try on your end once again? 

    If the issue still persists, please let  us know. 

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    Answered on October 13, 2016 at 10:44 AM
    Hi Kevin,
    It looks like I’m able to use the visual report builder with other forms. However, the form I’m working with still displays the same problem. Here’s the form:
    I wonder if it has too many data elements?
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    Answered on October 13, 2016 at 01:25 PM

    I have checked in the logs for your account and I can see when you clicked on the Visual Report option nothing happened. 

    However, there does not seem to be an error in the web console (web browser console) so maybe it was a connection issue. 

    I have also tested with your form and I was able to create the Visual Report on my end, here is a screenshot about it: 

    May be also that there is something in your internet connection blocking some of the resources that JotForm loads to open the report builder, could you please try using a different computer? 

    Or if you're unable to try again in another computer, please try with another web browser or using incognito mode, if the issue still persists, please open the web console and share us a screenshot of it, may be that there is something on your end that we are not seeing in the logs we have for your account, these keyboards shortcuts will help you to get the web console in Firefox or Chrome: 

    Google Chrome:

    Mac: Command + Option + J

    Windows: Control + Shift + J


    Windows: Ctrl+Shift+K

    Mac: Command+Option+K 

    And also provide us the details of the web browser you're using, we will try to replicate the problem on our end. 

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    Answered on November 28, 2016 at 09:06 PM

    Hi, the visual report builder for is not working. Please kindly help. Thank you.

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    Answered on November 28, 2016 at 09:22 PM


    I can see you have already opened another thread, it can be found here: 

    We will assist you on that thread as soon as possible.