What tab do I use to upload a manual

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    Asked on October 12, 2016 at 05:51 PM

    I just started the form, so there isn't a URL or web address yet.

    Trying to upload our Foster Manual and I attempted to click the up-load button, but it would all me to browse. Is the link down at the moment or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance. Catlyn 

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    Answered on October 13, 2016 at 01:09 AM


    Do you perhaps want the Foster Manual accessible to your would be users? 

    The Upload field will allow the form user to upload file when using the form. So when you try to use it in the Form Builder, it triggers the upload dialog screen.

    User guide: How-to-Create-Upload-Forms

    If your intention is to have your form user see or access your Foster Manual via the form, there are 2 options to achieve it.

    #1 Attach the manual/file in the form email. 

    User guide: How-to-Attach-a-File-to-Autoresponder-Emails

    The user will submit the form so they can receive the Autoresponder Email. The email then will have the foster manual attached to the email message.


    #2 Embed the manual/file within the form itself.

    This will only work if your Foster Manual is in PDF file format...

    You will use the PDF Embedder widget for this. You can check it here https://widgets.jotform.com/widget/pdf_embedder


    Actually another way is to upload your manual on some upload service provider i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive.. Once the file was uploaded you can get its shareable link/URL. 

    You can then add the share link/URL in the form using the TEXT field. Your form user will then be able to see the link on the form and they will need to click that link to open/view the shared file.

    Hope this help. Let us know if you need further assistance.



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    Answered on October 13, 2016 at 12:55 PM

    I'm not able to get the email or the file upload tabs to work. I'm never had problems like this before. If there a number I can call or can you call me? 706.769.3956. Thank you, Catlyn

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    Answered on October 13, 2016 at 02:54 PM

    Hello Catlyn, we don't offer phone support. However, we'd be more than willing and happy to help you here in a timely manner. 

    I checked the form you're trying to build https://www.jotform.com/62856430016149 and from the verbiage used on your form, I'm assuming what you want is NOT an upload field but rather a way for you to display your FOSTER MANUAL on the form itself. Keep in mind that the File Upload field is not meant for you as the form owner, it's meant for your users/respondents in case you want them to upload a file through your form.

    Thank you for wanting to assist in finding furr-ever homes for the county's unwanted and abandoned animals. As part of the foster agreement, there are requirements and protocol for everyone to follow; including reading the manual and signing off agreeing to the terms.  The Foster Manual outlines the  policies, dos and don'ts, and who to contact.  If at anytime you have a question or concern, please use the call down list located on the last page of your manual.

    The shelter is so thankful having caring individuals as yourself to help love and interact with our furr-babies and help with the chance of finding a loving home for your charge.

    The line I highlighted above made me believe that that's what you're aiming to do (to display your FOSTER MANUAL on the form itself). So just follow the suggestions given by Jonathan in order to place the manual either on your Autoresponder or on the form.

    As another gentle reminder, it will still highly depend on what kind of manual you have, whether it's a PDF, a plain text file, a .doc/.docx document, a file hosted somewhere online, and so on.

    If you could give us the link to your Foster Manual we will know the best way to display it on your form. If it's a file you only have locally stored on your computer, then you'd have to upload it first (e.g. on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) then share us the link. We'll wait for your response.