Help us Translate JotForm! - Yes, for sure!

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    Asked on November 29, 2010 at 11:20 PM

    Hi, I'm here to help you to translate the JotForm to Portuguese from Brazil (there is some diferences between it and Portuguese from Portugal).

    When I accessed the JotForm's home page, I saw this message:

    Help us Translate JotForm!

    We are sorry about the translation problems during transition to JotForm 3.0. Please help us fix them!
    Download this document, fix any problems you see and send it back to us. Thank you!

    I've downloaded the document, but there is some errors in the English phrases, such as:

    "t want to login" and "ll move these forms to your account". I can't know which letters are missing. So, if you can send me a new English version, I would be happy to help you!

    Have a nice day!

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    Answered on November 30, 2010 at 02:36 AM

    Thanks for letting us know about this problem. It should be fixed now.

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    Answered on November 30, 2010 at 03:26 PM

    You're welcome! I just check the document again, and I found more things that I think are wrong:

    "s shown"

    "t able to load this form. Please try it later."

    "t show this message again"

    And I also found some words that I'm not sure if something is missing or not, because the HTML has no opening or closing tags (is there something missing?):

    Guest</b>, Sign In to Your Acco

    Integration <u>Almost

    And finally, I wonder if the information below are codes or should be translated too:


    and I wonder what this code: %s means, this way I can know how to fit it in the grammar of this sentence (in my language):

    "Enter a %s name."

    I just need this informations and the translation into Portuguese from Brazil, will be ready to be sent to the JotForm's team. [=

    Thanks in advance.