There is a block of empty space under the Thank You page

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    Johan J. Pieterman 
    Asked on October 18, 2016 at 05:11 AM


    On our site we use two formulars:
    A Contact formular: there the Thank you works OK (See under Contact the contact-button).

    And a Reservation formular: see Home > Reserveren.
    Then the Thank you message is not printed well: the underborder is far too great.

    I cannot solve this problem.

    Please can you help me.
    Thanks a lot.

    With greetings,
    Johan J. Pieterman

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    Answered on October 18, 2016 at 06:10 AM

    I have made a test submission on your Home > Reserveren form to check it out, Johan, and I see the space at the bottom you are describing:

    Unfortunately, this is caused by the website software, which seems to be Wix.

    The container iFrame of our form, is placed inside yet another container iFrame by Wix, and only as such it is displayed to the visitors of your website. To put it simply, the structure goes something like:

    1. Your (Wix) website > 2. iFrame from Wix > 3. iFrame from JotForm > 4. your (JotForm) form

    Our form can only resize itself (4) and our form's container (3), but cannot influence the height of your website (1) or the height of the container created by your website (2). When our form displays the thank you message, the size of our form decreases (3 and 4), but the size of the container created by Wix stays the same (2), causing the blank space underneath.

    The only way to get around this is to create an actual separate thank you page on your website, and then redirect your users there when they have submitted your form:

    This would mean that your thank you message would be on your Wix website itself (level 1 from our example), and the form would simply redirect your users there upon submission.

    Please try it out and let us know should you need further assistance.