Account on Storage plan receiving overlimit notifications

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    Asked on October 18, 2016 at 05:13 AM


    You send us an e-mail about the disable of our account and you have disabled it!

    We don't understand because we paid a yearly STORAGE of $50 in July 2016.. We can't change our account! We didn't know before! You ask us to update the BRONZE but we have already paid to 1 year.... How it can be possible to pay second time!!

    It is possible to pay only at the end of our formule STORAGE in July 2017 and to reactivate our account?

    Moreover, I have sereval questions :

    - If I keep the STORAGE formule, Can I delete 2 forms and have 5 forms?

    - Is it 1,000 forms views / month for all my forms or just for one?

    - The limit of payment submissions aren't specified in the STORAGE formule???

    - What is the limit of the payment submissions for the BRONZE formule ? 

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    Answered on October 18, 2016 at 06:23 AM

    You are currently on the Storage Yearly plan, which means that your account can have up to 1.000 form views each month.

    The limits of the Storage plan are the same as the free plan, with the exception being the total amount of submissions your account can store at any given time. With a free plan, your account can only have up to 500 submissions at any given time, while with the Storage plan the amount of submissions that can be stored in your forms is not limited.

    The limits of the Storage plan are these:

    - receiving up to 100 form submissions each month.
    - receiving up to 10 payment submissions each month.
    - having up to 1.000 form views each month.
    - having up to 100 MB of uploaded files.
    - total number of submissions stored in your account is unlimited.
    - having up to 5 active forms.

    Your account is currently in overlimit status because it already went over the 1.000 form views limit (it has 1.025 views), and over the 10 payment submission limits (it received 11 payments).

    The form view limits are for all your forms combined:

    With the next tier Bronze plan, you would be able to receive up to 1.000 payments each month, and the form views limit would be 10.000.

    You can see the limits of each of our subscription plans on our pricing page:

    Please let us know should you need any clarifications or assistance ,and we will be happy to help. Thank you.