Widget News #31 - The E-Mail Validation Widget and other Updates

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    Asked on October 18, 2016 at 09:09 AM

    With the right combination of ingredients, a skillful play with taste and flavor, and the right atmosphere and ambience comes a great dinner experience.


    Jotform Widgets are not only expertly built and maintained, but they enhance the impact of your form on your users, making them more attractive, effective and accurate.


    Some of the features in our Widget Gallery would cost a whole lot of money on other similar services. One thing that makes Jotform stand out is that you not only get to create great looking forms, but all 380 widgets are provided and supported free of charge.


    Just like a great meal needs the right combination of ingredients, Jotform Widgets make great forms.



    Our featured widget is the E-mail validator widget. We’ve made quite a few updates; making the widget a powerful email verification field:


    Your users fill out their emails and click on “Validate”

    They receive a customized email with a verification code

    They then use the code to validate their email on your form.

    When you receive the submitted form, you get a verified email address.

    The E-mail validator widget helps you get real, validated email addresses.

    Give the E-mail Validator a try.


    We’ve updated the widget to work faster and responsively. Check out the US States picker widget here.

    We have updated code to load all requested resources securely. See the Button Radios widget in action.

    Fixed a bug that prevented the widget from loading. See the instagram widget here.

    We’ve fixed an inaccurate future date sequence in the picker. See the ios7 Date picker in action here.


    The code has been updated for more efficiency and browser compatibility. Demo the Testimonials widget here.

    New themes, a number of minor bugs fixed. You can demo the Calculator widget here.

    Fixed a minor bug usability bug. Check out the Add Options widget here.

    Fixed a few minor issues bugs. See the PDF Embedder here.


    Jotform’s Widgets Team is committed to creating and maintaining powerful widget functionality you can supercharge your forms.

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    Till next time. :-)


    The Jotform Widgets Team


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