Braintree Integration: Ability to pass custom fields from Jotform to Braintree.

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    Asked on October 21, 2016 at 12:26 PM
    Hi Neil,

    Braintree has contacted me separately (I also asked them if a custom field could be passed on) with the following information which could be of interest to you in your implementation of your Braintree payment wizard...hope this helps you implementing custom field in Braintree payments (crucial for me!!)

    Thanks for writing in, happy to clarify.

    When you use Braintree, you can certainly pass in custom values that can be included when creating a transaction or adding a customer to the Vault, and can be stored in the Braintree gateway for reporting purposes.

    There isn’t a way to set up new custom fields via the API, so you’ll need to configure them directly in the Control Panel. When creating a new custom field, you’ll have to choose two names:

    ·         API name: The name passed with your code; as such, it cannot contain any spaces or capital letters

    ·         Display name: What will appear in transaction history and Vault records

    Additionally, there are two types of custom fields:

    ·         Pass-thru fields: These fields are only used with the API. They are designed to pass a value from your checkout form to your servers, where you can store or respond to the data. For example, if you have a checkbox for "Join Mailing List" on your checkout page and you pass this through as a custom field, your servers can respond to this data and add the customer to your mailing list.

    ·         Store-and-pass-back fields: Data in these fields is stored in the customer and transaction details in the Control Panel. It’s also reflected in all downloadable reports related to customer and transaction details. Keep in mind that you can only search for data within the store-and-pass-back field; you won’t be able to search for the field name itself.

    In your case, it sounds like you'll want to choose the store-and-pass-back fields to ensure that when you export your transactional data to a CSV, it'll display as a column.

    To read more about Braintree's Custom Fields, as well as instructions on how to setup these fields, you can checkout this article.

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    Answered on October 21, 2016 at 12:48 PM

    Thank you for providing additional details about this. 

    However, as explained by our developer Neil in the other thread this does not seem to be currently possible and it was confirmed on the link Braintree provided to you:

    There isn’t a way to set up new custom fields via the API, so you’ll need to configure them directly in the Control Panel

    When using a custom field this needs to  be passed to the Braintree account and this custom field needs to be created using the API something that is not currently available and to use a custom field you would need to manually create the field in your Braintree account from the control panel. 

    However, I will provide the link Braintree provided to you in a ticket that will be opened for this request, if this comes available directly in the API or if there is another way to implement this we will let you know.