Do you have a save form response functionality?

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    Asked on October 26, 2016 at 02:38 AM
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    Answered on October 26, 2016 at 05:59 AM

    From what I understand, you would like to have your users continue filling out the form some time later, and only submit their full form response once it is ready and completely filled out. We actually have this available in two primary ways:

    1. The simplest and easiest way to accomplish this is to use our Auto Fill feature:

    This options is quick and seamless to the end user - their data is saved in their browser's local storage as soon as they fill any of your form fields. The good side is that this is fast, updated as soon as they make any entry, and it does not require any special action from your users to continue filling out the form.

    The down-side of this method is that the data is stored into your user's browser cookies, which means that they must continue filling out the form on the same browser and machine where they started. Similarly, if they erase/clear their browser cookies, they would effectively erase/clear out their partially filled answers.

    2. A bit more advanced method for saving temporary data before submitting it, is to use our session method:

    This option requires use of two forms. First form is where they will provide their email address and name, so that a session can be created for them on the second form. Second form will be the main form with many questions, and any time your users use the Next / Back buttons to navigate to the next or previous page of your form, their answers will be saved.

    The benefit of this method is that the temporary data is saved on our servers, so users can start filling out the form on one browser and machine, and then continue doing so on a completely different browser and computer / mobile phone.

    The down-side of this method is that it is just a bit more involved to set up.

    Please try the recommendations from the above linked guides, and let us know should you need further assistance.