How to capture the following information

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    Asked on November 02, 2016 at 03:15 PM
    Previous Supervisor References

    Please list three professional references.

    #1 Full Name










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    Answered on November 02, 2016 at 11:03 PM

    You can use the available form fields in our form builder to collect the information regarding the Previous References. 

    You can use a Full Name field for their Full Name. Then a textbox for the Relationship and Company. A phone field for the Phone number, and an address field for the Address.

    I checked the form on your account and it looks like you have successfully added these fields on the form.

    For more information on building a form, you can also check out our guide here: How to create your first web form. Cheers.

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    Answered on November 03, 2016 at 06:44 AM
    Yes, your website is very easy to use. I love it! The only two remaining issues are:
    1. The font alignment is off in the jotform2. There is a sample image logo on the top left of the job form that I can't seem to get rid of.
    I am speaking with our web designer today and would like to have the form completed and ready by 2 p.m. EST. Please let me know if you can help me finish this form.
    Thank you,Ken
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    Answered on November 03, 2016 at 09:32 AM

    Hi Ken,

    1. When I open your form I can see that name field looks a bit right. Please see how you can align it left:

    Click its properties:

    And make the label align to the left:

    2. Here is how you can make the logo disappear:

    Click the Design tab on your form builder:

    Click the unwanted logo on the opened screen and press remove like this:

    Please contact us again if you need any further assistance.

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    Answered on November 03, 2016 at 09:44 AM
    Awesome. It looks like my form is complete. We are excited about this and look forward to upgrading our account as soon as it makes sense.

    Best regards,