Conditional logic: easiest method of changing priority of two or more conditionss

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    Asked on November 07, 2016 at 03:39 AM


      I have a form with about 500 conditions which I need to manage 42 similar fields that enable a customer to choose one of 11 colors for each panel in a spinnaker sail.  In many cases, I want to duplicate a complicated condition for each of my 42 panels. When you duplicate a condition, the new condition is created right below the one you are duplicating.  This is a big improvement from the old app which placed the new condition at the end of all conditions.  However, there still may be times when you want to move a condition up or down scores of positions in priority.  As far as I know, the only method available is drag and drop, one at a time.  This method is not adequate if you need to move conditions more than half a dozen positions.  Perhaps another method can be added to facilitate the positioning of a condition, or a block of conditions, or a selection of two or more non-contiguous conditions elsewhere in a long list of existing conditions.

    I do not have a current problem or need, but my form that revealed this shortcoming to me is:


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    Answered on November 07, 2016 at 03:49 AM

    Hello bdoodle,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write us.

    Do you have a suggestion on how it could be done otherwise?

    What is the exact painpoint in dragging and dropping, does it prevent something or make it fail?

    We're looking forward to your feedback.

    Thank you very much

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    Answered on November 07, 2016 at 09:02 AM


      I suggest that you try dragging a condition a few hundred places in priority and then doing it again for a couple other conditions.  There will be pain.  :-)

    My ideas for solutions:

    1.) I suggest that there be a way to select a condition, a block of conditions (Shift select ), or a number of non-contiguous conditions (Control select) and designate. . .

         Move to Top or  

         Move to Bottom or

         Move up or down one place (and be able to repeat until moved as needed.)

    2.) I suggest that one be able to update the priority ranking numbers for conditions and that they are assigned in multiples of 10 in the first place so there will be room to assign a number in between two others.

    Thanks for asking.

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    Answered on November 07, 2016 at 10:28 AM

    Let me forward this thread to our backend team. Omur is actually part of the team. We will let you know here as soon as we have an update on the request. 

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    Answered on November 07, 2016 at 04:44 PM
    Thank you!