If someone built my site, and put the wrong email address for submission can I change the email to the correct one.

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    William Martin
    Asked on May 10, 2012 at 02:41 PM


       I have all of the HTML (if that is what they are) files on my computer. We did a competition for a college class to redesign our business... The student that built the website.. sent all of the files, but used jotform for customers to send a message. With their name, phoen number and comments. This was about 2 years ago... Only they put in the jotform our home email instead of the business. Is it possible for me to change it to the business email?

    I know how to build a really really basic website, but not how they did. I had never heard of jotform. We realy need the emails to go to our business and not the house.  I have gone through all of the coding of the pages. 

    I do not see the email listed anywhere.. and it seems like there is a simple line for jotform.  When I pull it up, I do not see the email listed in any of the code for me to change.

    Is there anyway that I can change it to the correct one in the code, and then just change the uploaded page?

    Thnk you for your time


    William Martin

    When customers email it goes to 

    bill.steve@verizon.net and we would really like it to go to hilltop.automotive@verizon.net

    This is the link in the code for jotform.  I do not know the students name. It was done through Santa Monica College.


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    Answered on May 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM

    Yes you can easily change the email address but that needs to be done from the form editor. As what I can see you don't have access to that jotform account that created the form. Right?

    The only option you have in here is to create your own Jotform account, clone the form, change the email address and re-embed the form to your website.

    1. Create your Jotform Account here.

    2. Clone the form, see guide here. Note: Form URL is: http://jotform.com/form/1575627245

    3. To change the email address to receive notifications, go to Setup & Embed > Embed Alerts > Click Notifications 1 > Reply to Recipient Settings > and change the recipient email

    4. After you've done making changes. Go to Setup & Embed > Embed form. Grab the code and paste it on your website.

    If you need assistance, I'd be glad to help.