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    Asked on November 15, 2016 at 05:30 PM

    We have 2 forms that are used for inquiries. One of the forms is not sending the email notifications out. The email it forwards to is an active email account and is working otherwise. It is supposed to sent to "".

    I have permitted all the jotform IP addresses and email domains in our Mimecast Spam filter. It will still not send. Mimecast is not permitted, blocking, or rejecting the email. I cannot find evidence of it sending anywhere. However, the other form will send the notification which sends to "".

    We have also re-created the form from scratch and it still will not send. Removing and re-adding the email address has not worked as well.

    When I added an additional email to the notification for the one that is not working, it started to send. I added my personal Yahoo! account to it, and the emails came through. When I removed the Yahoo! account, it stopped working again.

    At this time, we have the Yahoo! address included so that it works. Can you please provide some info on how to resolve this?



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    Answered on November 15, 2016 at 06:49 PM

    Hello nls,

    I checked your email history and found the two email addresses in our bounce list. This inclusion was due to your mail server blocking emails from us.
    Reason(s) : smtp; 550 Envelope blocked - User Entry -
    Reason(s) : smtp; 554 Email rejected due to security policies -

    For now, I have removed the emails from the bounce list, but it seems that the blocking is due to your mail server so expect that the next time you receive another email alert, your email address will be added in the bounce list again.

    For the meantime, an immediate solution is to replace your email addresses in your forms with a free email address such as Gmail. 

    Also permanently resolve this issue, please contact your email service provider and have the following IPs, domains, and emails whitelisted from this list:


    If you have questions, please let us know.