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    Asked on May 12, 2012 at 05:49 PM

    I need the ability to have in ONE place, without having to wade through javascript and html, to make sweeping changes to ALL text, buttons, emails, notices, form warnings and any other stuff that someone from another language might encounter while using a form from our site that was made in JotForm. The whole reason that many of us use this awesome site is how easy it is to build no brainer forms without needing to know code. 

    Now I am aware that when one adds another language, things get exponentially more complex. But hey, we live in a world of many languages and need to address these needs on an ongoing basis.

    Now there are many warnings, short thank you notices, information boxes and hidden buttons that come up while using a form, an we as form designers don't see these until our clients start using the forms. Then they come back and say (in their given language) WTF?!? WHy did you put THAT English stuff in my form?

    So guys, can you help us multilingual folks out here?

    So, as far as buttons go, I really appreciate the ability to be able to choose a common style and color and edit the submit and cancel buttons easily, but what about the Browse, Upload and Print buttons (there are probably more that I haven't yet discovered). It would be nice to have them look the same throughout the entire form.

    I look forward to your response...

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    Answered on May 13, 2012 at 12:27 AM


    Thanks for contacting us. We have two options to achieve multilingual forms;

    Just choose your preferred language at the bottom left part of the Form Builder page. In order to create forms in a different language, you must first select your preferred language before adding any form elements.

    Option 2:

    1. Create a form in english

    2. Copy full source to your web site, copy one page for English and the others page for any other language you need.

    3. You can translate to any preferred language on your web site using your favorite HTML editor.

    You can also have your forms linked to Google Translate to have your forms translated, to enable multilingual users to know meaning of fields to their langage when filling it.

    Take a look at this sample translation from Google.

    Hope you find this information useful