How do I get to my stored images to delete some and edit names so the can be used in emails

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    Asked on November 17, 2016 at 12:19 PM
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    Answered on November 17, 2016 at 01:35 PM

    If you're referring to the images you have uploaded in your form, then you will need to load our old UI to do it, since there is not a current way to do it in the new UI.

    To load the Form Builder in the old UI you only need to add "&old" to the Form Builder link, once there you will need to add one image field at least or use one of the existing in your form, click on the field and on the wizard icon, once there choose the option "Choose from existing images":

    In the next window you will be able to select the images you want to delete, but it is not possible to rename them so if you want an image to be renamed you will need to change the name after upload it and also delete the current uploaded  image: 

    To get to the current UI, please replace the "&old" with "&reset" in the Form Builder link and it will bring back the current UI.

    If you are referring to uploaded images in your submissions, then you will need to delete the entire submissions to get the file deleted as well, and files cannot be renamed either. 

    Please if you have any question, let us know.