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JotForm Announces and Hosts Web Design Contest

San Francisco, CA (Oct 31, 2014)- JotForm, an online form builder, is launching a web design contest in honor of their newly-introduced Form Designer that enables users to customize design of their web forms easily. The competition will take place from Tuesday, Nov. 4, through Thursday, Dec. 4.

“Since the beginning of Internet, web forms have hardly changed. JotForm aims to fix that, end the stagnation, and invent a new future for forms. The Form Design Awards is another step toward this ambitious goal,” said JotForm Founder Aytekin Tank.

Tank and the JotForm team have created the “Web Form Design Awards” in an attempt to “Re-invent the Web, one form at a time.” The worldwide competition is open to anyone, with the contest comprising of seven categories, including: “The Best Form Design,” “Best Mobile Form Design Award,” “Best Survey Design Award,” “Best Contact Form Design Award,” “Best E-Commerce Form Design Award,” “User’s Choice Award” and the playful “Worst Form Design Award.”

The contest will be judged by well-known graphic designers and websites, who will award the grand prize for “The Best Form Design” of $7,500, and a $500 prize to each of the other category winners. Alongside the cash prizes, the winners will have their names promoted on the JotForm blog and Form Theme Store as well. All form design entries must be built utilizing JotForm's Form Designer, and all form admissions must be fully functional to be considered. The first 100 complete submissions to be entered will win a free T-shirt.

“We already have the best of brand form builder,” Tank said, “The Form Design Awards is an exciting event for up-and-coming web designers to make a name for themselves.”

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Here’s an interview with JotForm’s founder Aytekin Tank, on the JotForm Web Form Design Contest

What is the Web Form Design Contest?

To introduce the new Form Designer to the design community we’re running a contest. Users can build and enter their best designs for a chance to win prizes. The Grand Prize for Best Form Design is $7500. We also have multiple category prizes of $500 for runner up submissions, as well as additional prizes.

What made you decide to build the Form Designer? JotForm has long since been a leader in form building. Although it was a highly useful tool, the customizability was limited. Users could adjust colors, fonts, basic sizing, and a few other features. If they needed to refine it further they’d have to write custom CSS. For some users this was OK, but for many they wanted more control without being a web designer. The Form Designer revolutionizes the form design process and bridges the gap so all users can easily make a fully customizable product without knowledge of web design. The process now is strikingly simple, with limitless options for creating forms.

Tell us a little more about the Form Designer. Users can now build their form with our core form builder, and then customize its look and feel with the Form Designer. Users can match their form with any website just by pointing and clicking. It has two ways to customize the design. The Design tab includes the most commonly adjusted features, and the CSS tab allows more granular control.

What are the highlights of the Form Designer? The CSS Helper is one of JotForm’s proudest accomplishments. It greatly facilitates the creation of CSS code. First click an element within the form, then click the property to be adjusted, and enter or select a value. Minimal coding experience is required and designs come together with ease.

What about mobile forms? All forms created with the Form Designer are responsive and mobile ready by default. The preview tab includes both tablet and mobile screens, with portrait and landscape options for each.

What additional prizes? We’ve offered the opportunity for respected companies from around the web to contribute prizes as well. This makes the contest a little more fun. It gives winners a chance to explore various products, and allows our friends from around the web to support our endeavors. Details on prizes will be described on the awards page.

Who will judge the contest? The contest will be judged by members of the greater web design community. We’re inviting judges with established web design credentials.

How does the contest work? The contest is free to enter. Users can sign up for the contest on the awards page, and will receive a link to submit their form. Submissions will be accepted from Nov. 4 until Dec. 4.

Can users submit more than one form? Absolutely! We always encourage creativity and seeing what our entrants can come up with.

When will the winners be announced? Winner’s will be announcement on Tuesday, Dec. 11. Their names and designs will be highlighted on the awards page and JotForm Blog.

What happens after the contest? The real reason to use the JotForm Designer is because it saves time and money in building forms. All users are welcome to continue using JotForm for forms they build for various projects. They also will have the opportunity to submit their designs to the Theme Store.

What’s the Theme Store? The Theme Store is being launched at the end of the contest. Users will be able to submit their designs to it and sell them to other users. It allows our most gifted form designers to contribute to the JotForm community and earn money for it.

What’s next for JotForm? This marks a major improvement to our service offering. We’ll continue to service JotForm users as we always have, making periodic improvements to the product, always innovating towards the goal of creating an optimal user experience in creating forms.

About Jotform

Since the inception of JotForm in 2006, we have strived to make the easiest form builder. Constantly innovating, improving, and always looking forward, we have recently launched our Form Designer. The Form Designer delivers ultimate usability and limitless possibilities, allowing designers to create beautiful forms in less time than ever.

Mobile friendly, fully-customizable and simple to use, there’s nothing like it on the market today. We hope you love our product.