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Minutes of Your Time for a Lifetime of Earnings

By now, you already know about the amazing prizes you get by winning one of the categories in the the Web Form Design Awards, including a hefty $7,500 for Best Form. 

But our up and coming Form Theme Store is your way to make money for the long term. 

We wanted a chance to showcase the amazing forms we’ve received since the beginning of the contest to the entire world. When it’s all said and done, the form you submitted for the contest could be sold to eager JotForm users on our soon-to-be released Theme Store, putting money in your pocket. Form designers will have the flexibility of setting their own prices, as well as the ability to sell as many form themes as they’d like. 

So when’s this all going down? On December 5th, right after we close down submissions for the contest, we will showcase all designs in our new Theme Store. 

While we anxiously await the Theme Store launch, make sure you’ve submitted your best form to the Web Form Design Awards by December 4th. Don’t forget to share your form for a chance to win the User’s Choice Award, which wins a talented designer $500. Unlike the the other categories, the User’s Choice Award depends on social sharing to get votes. 

If you haven’t started designing your form yet, don’t sweat it. You still have a couple weeks, and our Form Designer makes it easy to piece together awe-inspiring forms.

For more information about the awards, visit

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