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Introducing the JotForm Theme Store

December 15, 2014
A simple math(ish) problem: what do you get when you take an advanced Form Designer and multiply it by hundreds of talented users? Answer: the greatest collection of form themes ever created. 

JotForm Form Theme Store

Today is an exciting day at JotForm as we roll out our much-anticipated Theme Store, where users can buy and sell amazing form themes with incredible ease. It’s OK if you want intricate, beautiful, and functional forms but don’t feel like creating them. That’s why the Theme Store is here.

The way it works for designers is simple. Check out this tutorial explaining how to publish a theme to the store in just a few easy steps. 

To understand the beginnings of the store, you need to time travel - all the way back to October. The leaves were slowly turning color, and we’d just launched our Form Designer allowing users to create customized form designs with incredible ease. We were immediately impressed by the designs, especially after we challenged users to submit their best to the Web Form Design Awards. You all surpassed even our loftiest expectations. But what to do with all those gorgeous form themes now that the contest is over?

The First Ever Marketplace for Buying and Selling Form Themes!

Well, we’ve figured it out. The JotForm Theme Store is the first ever marketplace to sell form themes to eager buyers. It’s a user curated marketplace selling the best themes, created with the most advanced form designer feature around. A truly win-win situation. 

Form Themes

We’ve stockpiled the Theme Store with terrific themes made during the course of the contest, as well as any themes users have added on their own. So even if you missed out on our Awards, the Theme Store is everyone’s chance to have their work shown. The best part? Designers make the money every time one of their form themes sell. 

Want to choose from hundreds of beautifully designed forms from all over the world - OR - want to design a beautiful form from anywhere in the world? It all happens at the JotForm Theme Store. Give it a try!

jotform theme store

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yeah that's super. How do I create a cruise ship

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