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JotForm User Spotlight: LYFE Marketing

April 13, 2015
Lyfe Marketing

Atlanta-based LYFE Marketing is the brainchild of a group of former Georgia State University students who saw an opportunity to help small businesses expand their social media presence. What started as a dream in 2011 has turned into a booming full-service marketing firm that has so far helped over 100 business nationwide.

JotForm plays an important role in helping LYFE service businesses. When potential customers of their clients’ are curious to learn more information over social media, the company quantifies leads using a JotForm form, which automatically sends email notifications to their clients with a prospect’s pertinent information. JotForm helps LYFE help their clients. And it’s a beautiful thing.

LYFE Co-Founder Sherman Standberry started the business with his brother and close friend, and took the time to tell us about his business, and how JotForm helps make it possible.

JotForm: What do you do, and how did you get started?

Sherman: LYFE Marketing is a social media management company that helps small to mid-sized companies with social media marketing. We entered the marketing space because of the huge opportunity of using social media to generate more awareness, relevant followers, website traffic, and leads. It was something we noticed that even Fortune 500 companies lacked, opening the doors for small to mid-sized companies to gain a competitive advantage.

JotForm: How do you use JotForm?

Sherman: JotForm is a lifesaver for our clients and helped us to differentiate ourselves from other companies in the market. One question our clients always asked was "how do we track ROI" or leads. JotForm allows us to do this a unique way.

We’re able to take conversations with prospects that begin on social media and filter interested traffic through JotForms to collect their information. We ask questions like "are you interested in using our services?" or "how did you hear about us?" to reinforce the effectiveness of what we were doing. We also ran social media contests, promotions, and discounts as a way to convert all of the traffic we were generating on social media to leads. With JotForm notifications, our clients were instantly notified when someone showed interest in their products. This created a new metric of success when we met with clients. It was nice to show them a compiled list of social media leads every month.

JotForm: What do you like most about using JotForm?

Sherman: What we like the most about JotForm is how easy it is to setup, email notifications, and the excel export option. We found JotForm to be extremely user-friendly and easier to use than other form builders. It was also very easy to embed on a website. Email notifications were our clients' best friend. Some of them never had to look at their social media accounts, they just waited until JotForm notified them with an email notification so they could follow-up. Finally, the export option made it easy to look at all the leads at once.

JotForm: What's next for LYFE?

Sherman: Our plans in 2015 is to continue to grow and help businesses with social media marketing. Most of our clients find our services to be truly unique, aggressive, and more authentic than most social media programs that exist. We just want to continue to broadcast that and innovate the industry with quality technology, like JotForm.


steve (April 13, 2015 at 09:16 PM)

Whether you're a marketer, or just marketing, or just collecting info, you need a form!

Sean (April 14, 2015 at 08:54 AM)

JotForm has definitely helped us quantify our social media leads and when I speak at workshops & conferences I recommend them to use JotForm all the time!

Keran (April 14, 2015 at 10:52 AM)

We also love using JotForm. It easily integrates with our third party software and the user interface is a better than competitors. Keep up the good work JotForm!

peter decosta (April 16, 2015 at 08:15 AM)

Form is a necessity these days for sites... IP 8 Updates

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