How to create a survey form and customize it

Here you have an example using a Matrix and a Page break form for survey forms

Step 1 – Select the Input table (Matrix) field from our Tools panel:

Step 2 – Add a Page Break field,

Step 3 – Add another field from Survey elements such as Scale rating or Star rating:

On this example, I have chosen another Input table (Matrix) form that is positioned after the Page Break. You can improve it by adding Headings fields for each section. You can find it in our Form Tools Menu.

Step 4 – In order to customize the labels, you would need to click on properties, for each form type (Input table, Scale rate, slide, etc)

As shown below:

Step 5 – You can change the input type of your matrix form. In this example, I have chosen the Text Box one.

Step 6 – You can add columns and rows, then customize them. Or, you can add or remove columns to your Survey form later. 

For questions, please let us know below or post it on our support forum.

This article is originally published on Apr 26, 2012, and updated on Oct 18, 2021.

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