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How a Lawyer Uses JotForm

Jason Gershenson is a lawyer and a JotForm user. Lawyers have to keep track of a lot of information is a highly organized way, and have no time for manual tasks like filling in spreadsheets with contact information and notes on new clients. JotForm helps tackle organizational duties, leaving you to have more time to focus on core projects. 

Below, Jason explains how JotForm has helped his company.

I'm an attorney for tech startups and entrepreneurs. I saw a market need for lawyers that could relate to founders, as well as work at their pace in the trenches. I was an entrepreneur once too, and felt that I was well situated to explain and apply the law in the context of business. I opened Gershenson Law in 2013.

Jotform has become my client-onboarding hero. I am able to email a prospective client’s a link to my custom online form, which requests the information I need. I use the rich-content HTML field for my Attorney-Client engagement letter, which sets out the fees, as well as my responsibilities. Once the form is signed via click-wrap, the client and I both receive the agreement in an email, with the matter name and number in the subject line. That email then serves as a thread for communication throughout the matter. 

I don't know what else to say — my onboarding process is unstoppable.

The thing I like best about JotForm is the unique pre-population function. It is extraordinarily useful to me and no other company offers it. I am able fill the prospective client's form with information I already have, and then send it out. This makes it easier on the recipient, and also shows that it was personally intended for him or her.

So what's next for Gershenson Law? Focusing on our expansion to New York City, continuing to grow in Portland, Oregon, and constantly evolving alongside the tech startup community.

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