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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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Monstroid from TemplateMonster

Enter Now! Five Free Monstroid WordPress Themes Giveaway

Multipurpose WordPress themes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer you the ability to create any type of website for the price of a single theme, and come with a large number of features. As you probably know, our friends at TemplateMonster released Monstroid, a mega theme that will work for any project, whether it is a regular business website or an online store. Released just a few months ago, it’s already sold more than 1,500 licenses. We’re happy to announce that today you have a chance to receive a copy of Monstroid, for free.

What Makes Monstroid Special

Monstroid offers you a collection of professional child themes for a variety of different business niches. These allow you to switch between entirely different looks and styles all within the main Monstroid theme. At the moment, there are about 25 child themes available. And each month the users get up to 10-15 new designs. Want to build a website from scratch? With Monstroid you’ll find solutions for creating business, portfolio and many other kinds of sites.

Monstroid from TemplateMonster

Monstroid comes with free lifetime support and updates. In case any questions come up with the installation, customization, or performance of the theme you can contact their support team. This is made even easier than ever thanks to a built-in online chat tool right in the Monstroid admin panel. You can resolve your questions as soon as you encounter them.

It’s worth mentioning that Monstroid is a very flexible theme. Not only does it have a large number of predefined layouts, but it also allows you to modify them in many different ways. For example, Static Area Builder gives you control over your header and footer elements, while the Shortcode Template Editor lets you customize your shortcode templates and display the content of your shortcodes however you prefer.

These are only a few of Monstroid’s features. There are many other tools, options and plugins inside this theme. You can take a look at all of them on the official Monstroid page. Check out the intro video here:

How You Can Win Monstroid

It’s easy to win a Monstroid theme. Simply visit the Monstroid page and find a feature of Monstroid you like the best. Then submit a comment under this post telling us which particular feature of the theme you like the most. To be included please pick features not mentioned above.

The giveaway starts today, November 9, 2015 and will be running through midnight PST Friday November 13, 2015. At the end of the contest, five winners will be chosen randomly and get their free copies of the Monstroid theme.

Are you ready to try your luck?

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • Horus Acosta

    Wow i love the fact that it comes with 120+ ready to use PSD files, child themes and of course all year long support

  • Frank Mohnhaupt

    I like the child themes and and that the issue is constantly being expanded and maintained.

  • jaiswal78

    I like the 120+ PSD files and life time support with 2-4 hours response time.

  • studiomundo

    To be a subject for multiple functions with their many children. And the compatibility with various plug-ins as well as JotForm.

  • Stella

    I love the fact that the theme comes with 100+ PSD Files. And it also has an amazing name, Monstroid!, and logo.

  • Andrey

    More child themes^ much more

  • ptraina

    As a relatively inexperienced WordPress user who is looking for a simplified way to update my blog, from what I can tell, it looks like every feature Monstroid has to offer would benefit me in what I hope to accomplish. Best of all, it looks as though Monstroid will work with my existing plugins, which means I won't have to disable anything my readers have become accustomed to using.

  • ccmurphy

    I like the "Instant Skin Switcher" feature. It will give me the ability to easily transform my photography website periodically for effect and/or seasonality.

  • aletras

    I like the fact they will adding 15 child themes each month!

    Robin Aletras Username aletras

  • Justine

    I love the fully responsiveness built in, and the white label plugin intrigues me.

  • procurement

    Awesome template with many premium features to provide an assortment of dynamic layouts. One feature of the many I like is the Graphs with ‘Charts’.

  • BradBAB

    What's cool are the multiple pre-installed extensions, and 24/7, 365 customer support. The entire theme looks clean, and simple yet robust.

  • 4aministries

    For our teams, plugins play a huge feature. Besides it being a drag & drop builder, the MegaMenu and the Blog Layouts. Our team has been using Elegant Themes Divi Theme and the one thing that we really needed was a different blog layout and it only had two layout options. This is a great benefit with the Monstroid Theme via Template Monster! Also the Data Manager for moving from one site to another! (Life Saver!)

  • dampfcoupons

    To be brutally honest, it's the simplicity of the theme. Never have I ever spotted a free or paid Wordpress-Template that looks so sleek. I know it can be customized to the max, but from the example screenshots it looks heavily like googles material design, which, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

  • afckredieten

    The Monstroid theme School district is verry beautifull, i would use it immediatly. There is no one feature i would prefer above another one. It's the collection od features that makes the Montroid theme a rock star. I was looking for a new theme, and this one is on the shortlist

  • dcboswell

    I'm most excited about the SEO possibilities with Monstroid. I hope it lives up to the claims in the video because that is an important feature that I look for when selecting a theme for my clients. I'm also digging the 50 free photos. They look great!

  • GarrettSeepersad

    All Advanced features, but if i have to choose only 1, Dynamic CSS

    The problem with alot of templates, they are designed amazingly for 1 job/task/perspective but as you begin to think outside of the box (constraints of the template) it becomes very challenging to make the smallest changes.

    By having these advanced features, it allows the web designer to truly and efficiently customize the website to meet the clients needs and enhancing the user experience of the website.