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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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New Shiny My Forms Released!

We are very excited to release a new and improved version of JotForm's My Forms page. Whether you have hundreds of forms or just a few, the new My Forms screen will help you find things quickly, and get on with your busy day.

Organize Your Forms Easily

Many JotForm users have lots of forms. Some even have hundreds of forms. (This reminds me we need to do something for the first user who creates their 1000th form:) ) They use JotForm daily in their business. It is very important for them to easily organize and find forms. The new improvements just make that dead simple:

  • - Mark important forms as favorite by clicking on a “Star” button.

- Be aware of activity on your forms. If a form received a response recently, it will be marked with a new tag. Click on “Unread” tag on the toolbar to see forms that has received new responses.

- Sort forms by form title, form creation date, recently received submissions etc. to find them easily.

- Search forms on the toolbar. Just like Google Instant, see the forms that match the criteria while typing your search query.

New My Forms page makes your job easier by remembering the way you left the page. If you searched for a criteria, when you come back to your My Forms page, the page will open the same way you left it.

Simpler, Cleaner and Faster Design

Previously, most functionality was on the toolbar. We simplified the toolbar by removing most of the buttons. We uncluttered the page and only left out what is necessary.

Folder drag and drop is improved so you should be able to create a new folder and drag forms into them more easily.

Go ahead try the new My Forms page. We're sure you'll love it!

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • istochnik

    Формы полностью не выводятся. Отправить заполненную форму невозможно. Кнопка отправки не видна. Почему?
    The form is not fully displayed. Send the completed form is impossible. Submission button is not visible. Why?

  • lemore

    Love the new forms. So easy to use. Keep up the good work.

  • ciddiforum

    hiii thanx

  • senet

    h3b said : "You are the best like always! Thanks for making my life easier"

    The same !

  • vinautomatic

    i love all the new design, this is what really makes you guys finally a finished product and I always rooted for you guys over other form builders due to ease of customization. only thing was missing was a prettier/powerfuler back end, and now that I can right click on a form and mark entries as read (as I do check them often, makes this great.

    Great new organizational features as well. Wow I want to buy this company out now. Lol!



    1. Can we have a "Share" button right next to the form or on the top tool bar so that i can easily find the link of the form? Now it is too troublesome - have to enter the form to find out the link.

    2. Can we disable the link without deleting it? (sometimes i want to control the submission but i don't want to delete the form)


  • jackg

    Jotform is just totally brilliant. Period. So, didn't expect anything less from you guys with the New My Forms :-)


  • timthornbrough

    I like it.

  • lvd7

    LOVE IT! Thanks!

  • stockworm

    might be nice to put the account name somewhere. Like hello joeUser. Maybe it's there but didn't see it.

  • tsamoj

    Great work... Forms can be well organized...

  • Anonymous

    Much easier to read!

  • jordane


  • Jacen

    thank for this great apps. it works fine.

  • thamerzxz2

    Very good ، innovation

  • tistas

    Wery Nice!

  • yungyuchiu


  • Anonymous

    cool;)love it

  • derienp

    it okay but the next button is not working right

  • Anonymous

    I am trying to cancel/get my refund back for this site. you provide no service other than a redirect to download sites that I already knew about. scam. i want my money back

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me? This is awesome!

  • cursillo

    I own and operate a web business and just love JotForm.
    I am interested now in your Membership software - please can you get back to me URGENTLY. Will this work with Xoops ?
    Please email me and advise - Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous


  • leelooby

    great! easy to use and nice to see a variety of options

  • PamPow

    Okay - but how do I COPY one form to a new one?

  • Anonymous

    absolutely fantastic!

  • TheAumZone

    Love your new forms builder. Only thing I wish you had was the possibility to send the forms to more than one e-mail. Thank you.

  • drr


  • Alphakline

    Looks great thanks!

  • JP368904

    I like it. More user friendly! I really like the preview feature (I don't recall that in the last version.

  • Anonymous

    o destino da net infoservc

  • bibeta

    its a perfect program. Thank for creat it.

  • tonym1

    Thank you, i am very impressed with the builder
    certainly recommend this to my friends.


  • mani1840

    Just love it. Thanks for your hard work !!

  • secretgardens

    The best free service ever, thank you so much

  • RayLee


  • premierdepogrl

    I love this site! You guys are incredible. I wish there was a way that if the fields are not filled out by someone they would not be included in the form that they send me and I print - I feel as if I am printing many fields that have no info as it does not apply to that particular job. Is there any way to accomplish this??? I tried once and it totally ruined my form!!!!
    Thanks again for all your super DUPER work!!!!
    Rock on.

  • ruienglish


  • tanrikulu


  • naplesvillas


  • hacker12



    I really love your site.. I am using this for my online shop. Nice job. The new my form can easily direct me to my personal made form..Thank you! God bless

  • fxcenter

    Its great, super, keep it up guys.

  • alexes

    100/100 very nice

  • homespacerelooking

    Very Good.
    Molto bello.

  • ulovent

    This is totally AWESOME!!! You guys ROCK! I didn't think your product could get any better yet again you prove me wrong. Keep up with the excellent work!

    - Chris Thornton

  • drumkeyjw

    Love it!

  • prettynappy

    like streamlined look

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

  • VoxyLady

    I signed up for this in June and had forgotten about it till now. I have to say it's improved greatly from when I first used it. I have created a form which I have added to a site, so I hope to see results form it soon. I liked it so much that I have taken out a 2 year subscription.

    Many Thanks
    Leonie Easterbrook aka VoxyLady