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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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Announcing Pricing Modification: Form View Limits

We want to create a pricing structure that makes the most sense for all of our users. With that in mind, starting tomorrow, we're modifying our monthly packages to count the number of times your forms are viewed each month. It’s structured similarly to how we’ve developed our submission limits, only 10 times the amount.

Here’s a breakdown of the new view limits by account type:

Free form views: 1,000

Bronze form views: 10,000

Silver form views: 100,000

Gold form views: 1,000,000

Platinum form views: 100,000,000

What does this mean for my account?

For a majority of casual JotForm users, this won’t make a difference. For instance, most users who receive more than 1,000 form views a month are receiving more than 100 submissions, so they’re already on the paid plan that’s right for them. But for a few of you, this will mean needing to upgrade to an appropriate paid plan.

What’s the reason for the new limit?

We felt that users who were receiving more than 1,000 views on their forms are getting the same value as users who receive more than 100 submissions. We wanted to make our form limits more fair for every user, which also took into account per capita web hosting costs. Now, whether form views or submissions, we’re all on the same page and know what to expect.

How will I know if I’m close to my limit for form views?

Your form views are readily accessible from your Account page. Select “Usage” and see how many views you have left next to where it shows submission count and upload space. We’ll also send you a friendly message letting you know if you’re close to your limit.

What happens if I go over my limit?

If you go over the limit, you will be asked to upgrade before the next business day at noon. After that your account will be temporarily disabled until you’re able to upgrade. But like we said, you can find out if this change affects you by viewing your form view status from your account page, and checking to see if you’re close to the limit.

If you have any further questions, check out this page or feel free to direct them to our friendly support team.

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • oneminuteblues

    Form Limits Based on Page Views? You Gotta' Be Kidding!
    Oh well. Looks like were headed over to AppNitro Mach Forms.

    We will convert all of our pages... No View Limit there for MachForms (proprietary installed PHP software that we will own, no view limits). We use AdWords. Our visitors come to the pages on our web site which currently have an embedded Jot Form. Most visitors simply call us as opposed to filling out a form. Why would we pay for form software based on how many people view our forms on a web page? Answer: We would'n't. 1-800Cya

  • spacare

    Your going to lose another customer.
    Remove the "View Limits".
    Folks are NOT viewing the forms as many times as your counter says. WHAT YOU REALLY MEAN TO SAY IS IF SOMEONE LANDS ON THE PAGE WITH YOUR CODE THEN THAT IS A "VIEW". That is wrong.
    It is a marketing ploy to make money, the concept may be brilliant but you are going to lose customers!

  • Anastasyao1

    I do not like tht view limit! I have lots of people just going true my website and now if someone comes to this site it is one lost view - if this person comes back its two lost views and if he looks at the form several times because he dose not know if he wants to fill it out or not - every single time a view goes byebye - i do not like it and I think you should remove it. the banner after the views are out is a shame! I am using your form for some years - i do not think i will do use them if you do not remove this!

  • KMD

    as if limiting the views isn't bad enough, did you really have to stick such an obnoxiously large and annoying advertising banner on the bottom of the forms? I had been considering using Jotform on my site after it was recommended to me by a friend, but after seeing the banner at the bottom of her site's form , I will definitely be looking for other alternatives!

    Ever heard the term "less is more"? That goes for advertising as well, and a more discreet approach that DOESN'T "stand out like a sore thumb" in someone's beautifully crafted website design would be advisable.

  • NDAS

    Time to leave; equating submissions to any ratio of views is questionable. While we realize that even a view is using your server and therefore costs, submitting a form is only 1 more use.

    Your numbers are not in line with competing services that will now be reconsidered.

  • a2034487

    We're lucky we are still on an 'ok' type of account, but still on busy months we're running into view issues. We've resolved the issue by moving the forms with most views to cognito :-(

  • Clayton

    I am canceling my account immediately. I have been a Jotform customer for years and what really impacts the business of any company is the submissions. I paid $ 19.00 to get 1000 submissions, and with only 254 submissions I got my account disabled because of this fucking view.
    I do not want to be a Jotform customer anymore

  • acena

    No limited wiew please!!!!!!! Yes limit send...

  • ocalle

    So bad for who trust in your services

  • mandismuses

    I used to love Jotform and recommended it to everyone. Slowly prices have gone up while service has gone down. Limits are put in place without warning customers. Now it's page views, for crying out loud. I'm done. I'll find other ways to do forms that I control so I'm not constantly watching new changes pop up out of nowhere. You used to care about the small businesses and little people. Now it's all big businesses and money. Enjoy it, truly.

  • Webforal

    Bye bye Jotform, you always have been a great partner, but the new prices and limits are just to much for a small company like us.$19 for just 25 forms, great..... $39 for 100 forms....all very very expensive!
    The new way for earnig money is exaggerating everywhere in third service platforms like Jotform etc....$19 here $15 there $100 for office etc..etc...If this contineus in the future you will lose many costomers!
    Marc from Belgium.

  • sacredwaters

    For some reason I'm not receiving forms via email that users submit. I've added my email and even tried an alternate email and even when I use the test option, I'm not receiving it. I would appreciate help with this. Thank you!

  • chessjn

    The view limit is ridiculous, you think about it. I think I'll quit too. Remove it asap.

  • Creastyle67

    this limitation does not exist in Typeform and others, this is ridiculous, you will lose customers to start with me.

  • amagearsvc

    I crapped up my site by adding the footer advertising in order to get around the absolute asinine assumption that 1000 views is even as good as one form submission, and it still has me locked out. I used to love your form, but it just isn't worth the hassle anymore. I build over 100 websites per year and used Jotform on all of them. A lot of them go above 100 submissions per month and pay for the upgrade. But, if this is how you are going to treat your 'baby' customers, I'll be changing them all to another solution. You can say goodbye to close to 100 paying sites.

  • kellylam

    The form views counts every load as a form view. If you're updating a webpage making changes, you will use at least three form views. This is along the lines of impression fraud since you're the originator and the more form views makes you upgrade the account or it'll be shut down.

  • awesomekidsclub

    I am also interested to learn more how the page views are counted etc, a lot of questions in this thread and no answers from Jotform staff yet. looking forward to the answers.


  • gerttcm

    Hey guys, just wanna say I really enjoy your product, and after reading some of the comments above and also having a preference myself......why don't you just work on a submission limit?

    When creating new forms there is a lot of testing involved etc., and for new start-ups it's extremely attractive to get forms built for free and as the company increases in revenue....increases in form submissions....then being able to go over to a paid plan is a LOT MORE attractive and viable.

    My 2 cents:

    Remove the form view limit and simply work on a submission limit.


  • kimberlyds

    This is crazy...So, apparently I have over 1000 form views and no conversions!!??
    Yep...time to search for greener pastures!! :(

  • Wb95tunapants

    This is a really bad policy. At this point it does not affect me like it does so many other Jotform users. However I will be looking for an alternative because this will become an issue for me in the future. It's just a bad policy. You guys should rethink it. Find another way to increase revenue and it should not be by punishing your customers. Page view limits? C'mon folks that is just greed.

  • Mrzhang

    This is not good . I want to stop it.
    I will find anther form built.


    you guys should think this through

  • designer47

    no more views, it´s mean:
    (1) no more views ...or..
    (2) no more create forms?


  • BeCognito

    Time for alternative !

  • msasinski

    10k views is just not enough for a non-profit technology blog to earn 19$ just from ads. I get little over 10K visits. Sorry guys, I'm looking for alternative. Bye.

  • davidcyrman

    This is realy not good for as
    you could let us know in advance

    we were treated to complication with many clients.

  • Nad84jia

    Realy not good for as
    you could warn us in advance
    not everyone has the monies
    we were treated to complication with many clients.

  • snjrose

    Yes, I just got an email that I am close to my form views limit for the month and didn't even know anything about this. I've been creating a completely new site and viewing the forms many times. I think they are all me which isn't fair. Why didn't we get an email about this when it was implement last month so I could have been conservative? :(

  • tazzanderson

    I agree with Glenn's statements. I don't even know how the heck I'm up to 1000 form views per month, there is just no way. I have only a few submissions over years!!! I think this is ridiculous and can only WISH that my business was getting that much online traffic!

  • vinko2000

    I didn't know about the form views limits, so when I was creating a new form I was looking at the website at the same time to see how the form looks, refreshing the page every new modification so now I'm out of "views", I have the free account since I don't need more, but my forms will be disable tomorrow if I don't upgrade, how I know when my new period start?

  • tamsyn

    Sorry, I have another question... I just noticed that I already have 24 views listed for my form -- but I haven't even finished building my form yet, and it hasn't been published.

    Do we get docked for previewing our forms that are under construction?

    I'm new to JotForm, and exploring whether my non-profit should build all our forms here, so these details are important to know. Thanks for your help!

  • tamsyn

    I have a few questions:

    1). If I, as the creator of the form, view it to test it once I publish the form, will those count against my total? Or does your system recognize the creator and not dock us for those?

    2). What happens in cases of multi-page forms ... is each page of the form considered a form view?

    3). What happens if someone is in the middle of filling out the form, but the browser crashes and their form is reloaded? Is that considered another view?

    Thanks for clarifying these!

  • citationbuildingteam

    Question we now get the bronze account since we over the limit on form views. But I can't get it because it says we have over 1000 views already but the visit to our website is around 200 which we tracked via Google Analytics. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks

  • sheffieldassociation

    I need to change my billing information, specially change my credit card information as my present bank account going to be cancel and I wanted to update my new bank account.

    Rene Rodriguez