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Create custom wedding invitations with JotForm

You’ve locked down the date, the venue, and have finalized your guest list -- now it’s time to get the ball rolling with the perfect custom wedding invitations. For the modern wedding, it makes total sense to send your invitations online. Your registry is already online so why not your actual invitation? 

The cost of custom paper cards, envelopes, and stamps adds up. Not to mention manually having to rifle through the cards to sort through who’s responded, who’s going, and if they’re bringing a plus one. Time is money! Save precious wedding-planning time and funds that could go towards your honeymoon, and stay organized – create invitations online with JotForm! Let’s explore the ins and outs of online wedding invitations you can make with JotForm. 

1. Online wedding invitations are an affordable alternative to sending invitations through snail mail. 

JotForm has a generous pricing plan that makes online forms affordable. JotForm can be used completely free, with full functionality, for up to 100 form submissions/month. That means, if 100 or fewer guests RSVP through your invitation in a month, there is no cost to you. If you require more than 100 RSVPs within a month, you can upgrade and pay only $19/month to get up to 1,000 RSVPs! 

2. Your responses are neatly stored online. 

Each time a guest RSVPs, you will stay informed by receiving an email notification. When you create online invitations with JotForm, your RSVP information is also conveniently stored for you on your dashboard. Stay organized automatically -- and make it easy to stay on top of your confirmed attendees as the list evolves.

3. Customize your online invitation to match your wedding theme.

Whether you’d like to use a photo from your engagement shoot, a memorable trip that you and your fiancé took, or a photo from the proposal -- easily add your image of choice as the background of your invitation! Make the invitation truly your own by using your favorite fonts, color schemes, and adding whatever text and form fields that you like. 

There are plenty of options you can choose from when creating custom wedding invitations with JotForm. Check out a sample invitation form as well as a simple example of an RSVP form to decide what makes the most sense for your wedding.

JotForm is the form builder of choice for the wedding industry: wedding planners and small businesses like bridal shops and bakeries. JotForm is a tool that can help you create online invitations to send over email or as a standalone link, but is also a broad business tool for many different types of online forms and data collection. Examples include lead collection, payments, feedback forms and surveys, registration forms, and application forms. 

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