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Boost Donations This Year with JotForm Widgets

Donation season is officially here. And no matter what your nonprofit does, it helps when people open up their wallets to support your cause. 

But the challenge with donation season is that it’s donation season for every nonprofit, and there’s only so much money to go around. You’re competing with thousands of organizations needing the same help as you, so how do you stand out from the crowd when there’s so much money on the line?

JotForm is a terrific tool for creating donation forms, and our library of free widgets is full of useful add-ons to make your fundraising forms pop this year. Browse below to see which ones will help you reach your end-of-year goals. 

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is a company that figured out that matching gift programs greatly increase the likelihood that someone will donate money. With the Double the Donation widget, you can tap into their database and make it very simple for your donors to give through the matching gifts program. 


Video can be a powerful tool for nonprofits. With the Vimeo widget, you can include a short video explaining how donation money is used, why their support matters, and a thank you from your executive team. It’s a personal touch that can make a lasting impression on your donors and membership community. 

Gift Registry

Gift registries are a fun way to collect donations, and they also let your donors know exactly where their money is going. With the Gift Registry widget, your respondents not only have the option of selecting specific things to pay for, but they also see items that have already been chosen by other donors. 

Take Photo

Use JotForm’s Take Photo widget to upload pictures of your donors on a special section on your website or on social media. It allows donors to take pictures from their computer, which immediately uploads to the form. 

Don’t have anything planned yet for this year’s giving season? No worries. Get started with a donation form template, customize it, and connect it one of JotForm’s payment partners to create a powerful payment tool! 

Do you use JotForm for donations? Tell us what your organization does in the comments below! 

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