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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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How to integrate an existing form

Create Dropbox Forms with JotForm

We’re happy to announce that it is now possible to connect your Jotform forms with your Dropbox account. You can access your uploaded files instantly on your computer or mobile phone.

We are big fans of Dropbox. It's a great way to share your files among different computers and mobile devices. If you ever find yourself, e-mailing files to yourself, then Dropbox is the way to go.

One step further

What we did was to take it one step further and enable our dear Jotformers to receieve files from anyone, with minimal effort. Now, with Jotform Dropbox Integration, you can receive submissions from your website, directly to your computer.

Meet John! He'll be illustrating a few details you should know.

To integrate an existing form with a Dropbox folder, go to Submissions page for your form, click on Preferences icon, click on Dropbox Integration and then complete the Dropbox integration wizard.

We really wanted to reach out, thus decided to share what we have done with everyone. The result was this Create a Dropbox Form page which contains a sample form generator and an extremely simple integration wizard at the click of a button.

Help us spread the word with your "tweets" and "likes", so that none shall go through the horrors of constant e-mail traffic again!

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • kulawat

    This is a great feature folk. One comment is that configuring it (manage integration) is quite too well hidden!

  • tashes

    Is it possible to make frop box folder name related to 2 fields ex: Unique Id + Name (1234566-MrFirstName)? that would give sense to the folder and keep it unique?

  • Alex

    If you have multiple forms that you want from one user, can you send those forms to a single directory or will each form create its own directory on DB?

  • yequ162

    I was read a review about JotForm on and in that article, they(Makeuseof) told me, i can use JotForm to send any file to another Dropbox user who does not have Public Folder with you. But i tried and fail, JotForm just let you send a file to your Dropbox account and if someone want to see this file, they must have a Public Folder with you. :|.

  • lshad24

    I am trying to submit my form to Dropbox, but the link doesn't work for me. I tried the sample Dropbox form and it won't send either. Is there a problem with JotForm?

  • HeroesMusicFest

    Any plans on adding SugarSync integration?

  • accountupgrading


  • concretebasics

    whts the total upload limit for free account when integrated with dropbox ?

  • tagstorm

    The best "create form site" i've seen !

  • pareshchrindia

    Awesome! Good work guys.

    Thank you

  • JotFormSupport

    The limits in your jotform apply. You can delete the form submissions in your account to create more space.

  • jgriffin

    Is there a file size limit for uploading files from JotForm to Dropbox?

  • JotFormSupport

    Yes they are counted in your submission quota.


    Does forms created with count towards monthly submission quota? or its free to create just a "Dropbox Upload Only Form"? Free submission I mean.

  • abajan

    @ronaldcduke On the "Submissions" page, click the little icon below the "Delete" button that looks like a gear in the top right of the page. In the menu that appears, click "Send Uploads/Submissions to DropBox".

    Please see (copy to your browser's address bar)

  • ronaldcduke

    I click on a form I've already created, click on "submissions" but see no 'preferences' to click on. What am I missing?

  • cjwworld

    I found out that it does automatically.. Great job!

  • cjwworld

    how do you or can you upload a file or series of files and have it automatically send to Dropbox?

    Great design

  • aytekin

    aandptranscript: Emailed to you yesterday to get more details on your browser.

    kevinreynolds: On your Submissions page for that form, click on the Preferences icon on the right side and click on the Dropbox integration. It will open a wizard. You can change the field to use Submission ID on folder names. Submission ID is always a unique number.

  • ayhansari

    Amazing Job

  • kevinreynolds

    This is great - however - when saving the folder name from a field, when one or more submissions are sent - it will write over the previous dropbox document in that folder.
    I set up an expenses form, and wanted a folder by persons name - all ok so far and works fine, yet it will over write any previous sends of that for with the same name.

    Perhap - naming the file with a date/time field would resolve this.


    Cheers - Kevo

  • integracn

    WOW!!!!!!! Great job! I just signed up because it's a great work! I'm impressed with your design too... Congrats for you for the great job. :)

  • aandptranscript

    I am trying to integrate my existing form with DropBox and I cannot click on the preferences under submissions, it states that there is an error on the page. Can you please help me? Thanks, aandptranscript

  • aytekin

    tony: Yes, since uploaded files will also be stored on JotForm, it will count against your limit. However, you can delete the submissions on JotForm site and you will still have files those files on your Dropbox and you will gain the space back from your JotForm uploads limit.

  • tony

    Does uploading to drop box count against the jotform upload limits?

  • labviewpartnerprogram

    I'd like to be able to move the folder where it copies the forms so it's not in top-level of my dropbox hierarchy.

  • garysomerhalder

    This was very easy to setup and works right out of the box no pun intended.

    The easiest way is to just click on submissions and setup the integration.

    The upload form that you can generate with multiple file uploads is very handy also!

  • garysomerhalder

    Awesome! Good work guys.

  • heli46

    Herzlichen Dank für das tolle Anmeldeformular für unsere
    beste Grüße aus Wien/Vienna
    Helmut Hagler

  • abajan

    I just recommended it on Facebook because it's so cool! :)