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JotForm Now Available on Microsoft Flow


Microsoft Flow provides a premier service for business automation by connecting you to the services you love and use everyday.

We’re happy to announce that JotForm is now available on Microsoft Flow, making your JotForm forms more powerful than ever.

Using highly customizable Flows, you can decide how you would like your form to connect to the world through any of the services available on Microsoft Flow

Whether you'd like to create an approval system, a Job application and shortlisting system, a global survey that analyzes results on Microsoft Excel; it can be easily done using JotForm and Microsoft Flow. 

It’s pretty simple:

1. Connect your JotForm account to Microsoft Flow: 

2. Select the form you’d like your flow to interact with, and what format of form data your flow requires: 

  1. 3. Connect JotForm to other services (such as Microsoft OneDrive for business):

  1. You can pass data from your form to the service you connect to. You can use that data for various actions on your flow -- for instance, branching, conditions or simultaneous actions.

4. Once you save your flow, that’s it! If you get any submissions or entries on your form, it will automatically initiate the flow you just created, passing your form data to the service you connected to, and performing the actions specified on your flow: 
Are you ready to give it a try? 

  * Check out how to connect JotForm to Microsoft Excel

  * Or you can neatly organize your Job Applications on Microsoft OneDrive

Create your flow today and connect it to any of your favorite that are supported by Microsoft Flow.

Got any comments? Feedback? Need help with one of your flows? Let us know by commenting below.


  • Gustavo Leo

    Congrats for this fantastic new integration
    One of big issue for me is to make an validation of some fields to avoid the human error and also business rules
    All those validations are made using webservers
    Theres any way to use Flow to make it possible to use the best of Jotforms and Flow?
    Another question is
    Is possible to use an external on-line Database, Azure Sql?

  • bsrodgers

    Love this! Working on automation into Microsoft Planner. Would love to get info from the form fields into something tangible. Something like the questions/answers into the information portion or something. Or attached as a PDF or something similar.

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