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Aytekin Tank

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Don’t miss out the latest posts! Suspended

As a part of an ongoing investigation about a content posted in our site, a US government agency has temporarily suspended our domain. We are fully cooperating with them, but it is not possible to say when the domain would be unblocked.

To make sure your forms continue operating, please change your form URLs on your web site from to Here is an example:



Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE: Many people on the comments assumed the content was posted by us. This can happen to any site that allows public to post content. SOPA may not have passed, but what happened shows that it is already being practiced. All they have to do is to ask Godaddy to take a site down. We have 2 millions user generated forms. It is not possible for us to manually review all forms. This can happen to any web site that allows user generated content.

UPDATE 2: If you need to change form URLs many pages on your site, here is guide on how to do search and replace on many files.

UPDATE 3: TheNextWeb has posted a story with more details. 

UPDATE 4: We have moved our other domains to NameCheap and Hover. 

UPDATE 5: Techdirt's take on the domain suspension. 

UPDATE 6: SUSPENSION LIFTED: As of Feb 16th 5pm EST, our domain stopped pointing to Godaddy suspension name servers, and seems to be pointing back at our correct domain name servers. We have not received any confirmation from Godaddy or Secret Service. We are hoping this would be the end of the suspension. It was a very difficult 2 days for us and for our customers. 

Arstechnica, The Raw Story, CNET and Wired are now covering the suspension. Also, comments on Hacker News, Reddit and Slashdot have been very supportive. We appreciate that. 


  • Gordon Currie

    Does this apply to the forms in Canada? It doesn't appear anything is being blocked here?

  • Gary Richards

    I have over 50 forms with you and I have tried many of them....they still work. Should I wait as it will take a few hours to change all of them.


  • Gary Richards

    I forgot to say...I am in the UK. My forms so far are ok

  • Kev

    What in the world kind of content are you having that would have the gov shut you down? I want to know. I want to feel that my money is being spent well.

  • Dan Phillips

    We need more information. How can we feel safe and comfortable with the new domain? What can you provide to us so that we know it wont happen to the new domain as well?

  • celebratelife

    What kind of content caused this? This is a serious allegation that demands an explanation from you

  • mac

    I agree. This is going to cause us quite a bit of work for our company and when we're paying monthly for a service, I think we deserve a bit more info and security that its not going to happen again 2 weeks down the line.

  • Dave

    I would have to imagine that this is some sort of privacy issue?

  • mac

    Also, im not even sure I can trust the .net or any other domain - I mean, this could be some kind of phishing / hack scam for all we know?

    Really not filling us with confidence here guys!

  • Xiurzeph

    What if were using secure forms embedded. The HTTPS is not working.

  • Daniel

    I am paying for your service and my forms collect private data from my customers. How can I continue to trust Jotform if you guys only give us useless explanations like that?

  • Drew

    This is very serious, I have 3 paid accounts with you guys and collect 100's of submissions every day with peoples personal information. We are a non-profit servicing the HIV community - this raises privacy concerns for me.

    I will need more of an explanation for a refund is in order.

  • rpryor

    If you Google "jotform suspended" you can see that the security firm RSA has found several bank phishing forms being hosted in the past few weeks. I use Jotform because it does what I need at a good price and is not overly complicated. That ease of use probably is why "phishermen" use it as well. If that is the reason they are down I don't blame the Jotform team for making a good product.

  • hawkram

    I am in the Midwest and all of my forms are working... however I'm just waiting for them to go down. I don't feel safe either as I have a lot of forms out there, and I don't want my name associated with any potential issues that may result. If the forms go down, and we have to spend hours adjusting all forms, will there be any bit of a refund for our time involved in fixing our forms??

  • dwofford

    From doing my own research it look like RSA did in fact contact godaddy over user crated forms used in a phishing scam against Standard Bank, out of South Africa apparently. I guess jotform needs to do a better job of screening for malicious content though this is a battle anyone that allows public postings / hosting of files must fight.

  • dwofford

    Reverse Whois: "Interlogy, LLC" owns about9 other domains Registrar History: 1 registrar NS History: 3 changes on 4 unique name servers over 7 years. IP History: 15 changes on 10 unique IP addresses over 7 years. Whois History: 239 records have been archived since 2006-03-11 . Reverse IP: 1 other site is hosted on this server. Log In or Create a FREE account to start monitoring this domain name

    Interlogy, LLC

    Registered through: Go Daddy
    Domain Name: JOTFORM.COM

    Domain servers in listed order:


  • WebSavvy

    I am so very confused by this.

    You provide a form service. Your customers do not upload content to your servers and we don't download content from your servers. So what content could a federal investigative body be looking into? What could be of such import that it would cause them to suspend the domain? Information that was submitted in a form? I don't think so...

    I agree- it makes me really uncomfortable given that the primary data collected by jotform is personal information from our clients... Was jotform being used for data mining?

    On the other hand, there is the possibility (and at this point, it makes more sense to me) that investigators found something associated with piracy, terrorism, human trafficking, child pornography or some other illegal activity on the jotform servers. In which case, it would have nothing to do with the personal data that is collected... but would have even more disturbing connotations to it.

    I hate to put those possibilities out there, but any of those would make more sense than what we know now.

    Beyond that- I have logged in and I can only find a few of my forms- where did the rest go? I would like my list back please.

  • Gary Richards

    I just got over an inbound synflood attack which cost me time and money.

    When you say the domain is DOWN it clearly isn't as all my 50+ forms still work. Are they DOWN or pending shutdown?

  • dwofford

    My best guess:

    Someone created a free account and used there form to capture peoples login information for Standard Band... RSA a third party security firm hired by the bank found the forms and asked jotform to removed them. For whatever reason they were not removed or more was created so they notified the domain registrar and web host...

    Im not sure how the government was involved but from what I can tell and calling RSA / Goddaddy thats what was explained to me.

  • WebSavvy

    Aytekin, yes, people are making assumptions because jotform is not providing information that would prevent people from doing that. If Jotform would be transparent and simply tell it's users what the problem is, it would put an end to the speculation. If the issue is user generated content, then simply spell out what that is.

    I have worked in PR for years and you guys are handling this in a way that will generate more problems rather than minimize the damage caused by the original issue.

  • corcorance

    Apparently we have/had a few forms still on -- how can I access those to migrate over to the new pro URL and collect the old data?

  • eee

    @WebSavvy, Jotform also support file uploads, someone can upload something illegal to close that service, but it's clearly shows that Jotform servers are still alive, why would they close domain instead of servers by contacting datacenter instead of domain provider "GoDaddy" ?

    Nobody knows anything about details except the related person who request the shutdown from Godaddy.

  • Tim Smith

    I am quite sure this is not JotForm's doing but a client capturing illegal info... Anyways, my biggest concern is that government can shutdown a site WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!!!!

  • J Berkessel

    We have some forms embedded in mobile apps, and cannot change the form URL without re-submitting to Apple, a 3-6 week process.... Any ideas what to do about that? PS I feel for you guys at Jotform, seems you were caught out as much as your customers. 2 million forms shut down by the government without notice, I agree seems SOPA is already being practiced.

  • andrew mccormick

    If our forms are still working, do we need to use the new domain?
    I would trust jotform to continue provide good service. As you can already see when something happened they immediately took steps to allow for a solution rather than telling us all to hang tight and that hopefuly everything would eventually be working again like some companies do.

  • woeterman_94

    why is it blocked?

  • Quinn burke

    Does this apply to forms as well?

  • Claudia Serea

    My forms are still working. I am confused because I received an email this morning telling me I should change the form links to Above, you're indicating Which one is it?

  • prairiefire

    Is there any way to use the workaround with a google sites embedded gadget?

  • Tim Smith

    I have added this over at Reddit - this is BS.

  • kl.vanw

    I made the recommended update. Now I'm getting "Sorry! Only one entry is allowed. Multiple submissions are disabled for this form." error message.

    How do I fix this?

  • kl.vanw

    I'm no longer receiving email notifications. Is this part of the suspended domain??

  • Amin Eshaq

    I have a pro account and i'm not able to get the forms to work with the updates you asked for. Currently i have i have tried and i've also tried

    Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you

  • maddesign

    If this is the case, then who is to say that won't be blocked 3 hours from now? I don't care who or what has an impact on your services -- that s your concern, not mine. I pay you to reliably host my forms and provide me with functional ways to integrate them into my sites -- that s my only concern. Find a way to fix it so that this doesn't happen again.

  • sunangst

    Come on folks. You have to recognize this is not Jotform's fault, other than the fact that they are a victim of their own success.

    Every web host, message board or anyone who has users who can post anything on a website can have this happen.

    What separates the good ones from the bad is what happens next.

    So far, they have done a pretty good job communicating how to fix the problem. It's a pain but at least it's a solution.

    Guess the question I have is if they can somehow separate forms (and domains) from paying customers from those who get it free. My guess is those who get it free may be more likely to cause a problem just because of the sheer numbers.

  • Ray

    The downfall of being the easiest form builder is that you amass a clientele of people that for the most part don't like to do anything complicated and like to complain a lot. If you built your website well, you should easily be able to change the domain from to globally. If not, then during your update process right now consider using a variable or php include that references one location that defined the URL for the form.

    Remember: This can happen to any site that allows public to post content. I can't imagine if Facebook or Twitter was suspended for a similar reason, you guys would really lose it on that one - AND you'd also have no outlet to go complain about it. and are just mirrors of - so choose whichever ones sprinkles your cupcake. It would apply to anything *

  • John Parker

    If .com was suspended, what will stop them from suspending .net? After all it is still the same process..

  • John Parker

    A quick follow-up as I agree with the majority of realistic posters here.. It is a result of success and making it easy for us.. Jotform is a fantastic solution and I for one will provide any assistance to help them through this hiccup. In fact I just added a new customer today to the process.

  • MonkeyDaddy

    Will it switch back to .com at a later point and time? or will it now remain .net - just switched around all my forms :P


  • jgucci

    This is craziness. I have over 100 form on multiple websites and none of them work.

    Will this be resolved soon?

  • gertie

    i am so freaking pissed at the government right now. i can't believe they have taken over our beautiful internet. ARGH.

  • chiseled_images

    this isn't a SOPA deal. Without turning this into another SOPA thread (like the net needs anymore) the lack of due process already exist. As a photographer I can send in a DCMA letter to GoDaddy to tell them to take down a site because it infringes on my copyright. The will email the owner, if the owner does respond within exactly 24hrs, they will shut the site down. I've heard this happen to a few photographers who were out of the country or just didn't check their email for some reason, only to find out that there site was shut down. All on the word of someone who sent in a letter, no research at all on GoDaddy's part.

  • alturn

    We have been very happy users of your site for several years. Sorry for what you are going through, but we have no plans to change form provider. Hope it gets situated soon.

  • Ben

    Hi there,
    We're using an embedded form with an action of
    Do we just need to change the action to

  • weneedhelp

    People, people, dont direct your anger toward this poor blog operator. It is the misdirection of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, at the behest of the entertainment industry. The supposed content may not even be here as all it takes is an accusation. google dajaz1. YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. Thanks Hollywood.

  • xmdan

    This is bullshit! I've had on my to-do list to transfer all domains off Godaddy and today is the day I'm getting around to it.

    Don't know if I hate the Government or Godaddy worse.

    Kudos to Jotform for providing a quick, alternative solution. My forms are working again, we look forward to continued business.

  • Tim Miller

    Just want the great folks at jotform to know I have no plans taking my business elsewhere -- this site has the best system and support and price I've found.

    Thanks for keeping us updated and having a quick solution.

  • bluetie

    Good luck guys, since the first day I started using the form Im happy and you have my full support.

    Keep it up,

  • Sommer Aweidah

    I use wordpress for my site & only reference the actual form number - as a pop up. the pop up works, but the form doesn't. it's not referencing .com anywhere. confused. can you help?

  • MonkeyDaddy


    Please do not blame Jotform for this inconvenience.. It's out of their hands.


    Most of you have been enjoying this awesome service free of charge for many years (like myself) - therefore you owe the jotform team a big thanks, and show some appriciation and support... So please watch your words, and start supporting them by upgrading to premium service ;-)


  • Jono

    Sommer, try embedding the form using the script, eg:

  • Jono

    Well, it won't let me post the script code, of course... but try embedding the form using the script code which includes the .net reference.

  • randy

    Unbelievable. This isn't Megaupload.

    Now the Government is HURTING REAL BUSINESSES.

    OBAMA: This needs to stop. NOW.

  • robinowsley

    I'd echo sunangst above who said, "Guess the question I have is if they can somehow separate forms (and domains) from paying customers from those who get it free. My guess is those who get it free may be more likely to cause a problem just because of the sheer numbers."

    Sure, paying customers deserve better service, and maybe there are a lot of free users, but I'm also speculating that:

    1) this is all the result of someone trying to use jotform to commit a crime
    2) those who have submitted credit card info to upgrade are less likely to be trying to commit any crimes via jotform, because credit card info could be used to ID the criminal

    Sure, some criminals will try to upgrade with stolen credit card info. But a lot probably wouldn't or don't, and if there already is or could be some form of vetting process with the payment info of those that submit upgrade info (submission of payment IP address in same area as credit card info, etc.), that would weed out a whole heck of a lot of would-be criminals. And then the service provided to paying customers could be somehow segregated from potential criminals.

    This is feedback from a paying customer with jotform, and I do something similar with customers of my own site who pay to upgrade.

    I'd also really love it if jotform could eventually tell us how implicated GoDaddy was in all this unwarranted unfortunateness. I have some domains registered with them, and I'd like to consider ending my business with them and moving elsewhere if this was their fault in some way they could have prevented. I know that's not a priority right now, but when the dust settles, I imagine I'm not the only paying customer of this and other important internet services who would like to know.


  • maxwelldickson

    Jotform sucks. Always some sort of problem. I will never again use or recommend Jotform. Already cancelled my subscription and will tell my friend to do so as well

  • A.D.

    I placed this post on RSA's Facebook Page.

    "How do you, RSA differentiate between legal and illegal operations in your review of "questionable" sites? Yes I understand there are those entities that use sites like "JotForm" to do unscrupulous things but there are 1000s of legitimate businesses that run their websites on the backbone of these platforms.

    Suggestion: In your findings and recommendations to the FED can you offer that instead of the broad stroke of a hammer can they use fine tip instruments...this is killing "Legitimate US Enterprises"! When there is a cancer in the body you don't terminate the body you seek to eradicate the cancer. "

  • Elizabeth

    :( I've several sites I need to go through to change that use the jotform.

    It must be a nightmare for you jotform people. Sounds like Godaddy blocked it. I have domains with Godaddy. I"ve often thought if I should migrate them to another.

  • A.D.

    You guys are the best at JotForm!!! Simply what you guys are doing to get this back on track!!

    love jotform... i refer you to all of my clients!!!

  • Jarmerson

    I have to change over 100 sites for this. I'm emailing all my clients as I did for pipa and sopa blackout asking they consider their votes outcome.

  • zoom

    welcome to life on the internet everyone. no matter what service you pick you'll run into different problems . jotform is a great solution for a very cheap price. it seems they need to start investing in technology and systems and teams that can allow paying users to be more encapsulated from the doings of other users.

  • That guy.

    This is the result of RSA's Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC).. This is not the first time they've gone in, guns-blazing. Their boss is a mr Uri Rivner
    Google him and direct your displeasure his way. his personal email address shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

  • lindaM

    What a bunch of whiny customers.

    Blame the government for not understanding how the internet works.

  • Mansolo

    JotForm, why are you still using GoDaddy?! You had plenty of opportunity to migrate elsewhere. Your apathy is costing you BIGTIME.

  • John

    What did you expect from godaddy? This is completely your fault for not leaving that shitty company with all the others.

  • Jim

    Seriously, don't be angry with jotform. Blame GoDaddy, the government, and whomever abused the service.

    Jotform is the premier hosted form service. It is unfortunate that it seems as if many of their customers are ignorant.

    Phishing scam? Really?

  • Jim

    This just in: Dan Phillips is a complete moron.

  • JB

    This is what you get for finically supporting a domain registrar which has a history of extrajudicial and unjustifiable actions like this. Idiots.

  • tom

    It might be a good idea to take steps to warn your customers when that happens again.

    Well definitely I don't like when government takes down a website as popular as jot form.

  • harry tuttle

    so what next? Perhaps we could sue sports car manufacturers for facilitating criminal getaway drivers, or something...

  • zel

    America: Freedom to Fascism.

  • harry tuttle

    also, what about folk who make and sell halloween masks? By enabling people to hide their faces, they are obviously facilitating bank robbery and profiting from potential terrajism.
    In fact, ban everything, unless it can be proved to be useless for any practical purpose. Like WindowsCE or Dan Quale, for instance.

  • Pierce Brogan

    You did this to yourselves, and to your customers.

    You gave money to a shitty (pro-SOPA) company with a long history of turning off domains at the whiff of a complaint. And your domain got turned off.

    This is your fault, for entering into a private contract with a despicable company.

    And if you didn't know they're despicable, you're utterly and completely fucking incompetent.

    That said, your lack of reporting mechanisms seems to indicate that you really are incompetent fucking losers.

    Hope your shitty business dies in a fucking fire. That's what you get for supporting GoDaddy!

  • adrian

    The US government is out of control, nothing but a bunch of bullying fascists. I for one will continue to support Jotform and will continue to pay for the service - If what you are doing is pissing off the Fascists in the White house then you have my 1000% support - Keep up the good work

  • tejasgringo

    I'm sure glad you guys had a backup plan in place. This should be a wakeup call to all site owners. And I learned years ago not to trust GoDaddy. And one thing you could have done is send all your registered users an email about the shutdown instead of making us have to wonder why our forms disappeared.

  • Chris

    Unbelievable the people on the comments raging at the owners of Jotform.

    This website allows USER GENERATED CONTENT.

    You want Jotform to manually and personally vet each bit of content any user posts to the site? Cool. Want to pay the extra $100's on your bill to allow this to happen? Didnt think so.

    Wake up and learn how the internet works. This isnt Jotforms fault.

  • Paulo

    Use a non suporting SOPA registar!

  • Jim

    You should switch to a .eu or .me domain then they can't shut your domain as it's not in the US.

  • asred

    I have spent several hours changing all my client forms to .net. Some of the forms are loading very there a problem on your server??

    When and if .com comes back do we have to change them all over again to .com?

  • ginny

    any other recommended alternate form builders out there? i'm looking at other form builders. any other suggestions?

  • Wawrzek


    Open registration will run in several days, but we can manually craete you an account in minutes.

  • Mike


  • Jonas

    You brought this on yourselves by using Godaddy.

    It is no secret that they do this for not only perceived copyright infrigement but also sites that they do not like for business reasons.

    You should find many more examples of this behaviour of you search for it. This is not the US Goverments fault, it is only Godaddy's (and your own for relying on them).

  • Dragos

    The fu*king "government" again! with their stupid agenda :(

    JotForm is the thing! :D
    Thank you for your free service :X

  • Dragos

    And also, I agree with Jonas, scratch Godaddy (what a name btw ..)

  • Pauline

    Lesson? Expect disruption sometimes on something as transient and ethereal as the internet; always be ready with a backup plan.

  • masterlocators

    Seems like total bull crap to me. The phishers could have done the exact same thing to this bank if they coded their forms by hand.. Tell the government to piss off. Its like shutting down Dell Computers because some ass hacked a website with a Dell instead of an HP.

  • Cranca

    Estos tipos (USgov & GoDaddy) están fatal de la cabeza!

    Lo mejor que podemos hacer es cancelar nuestras cuentas y servicios en cualquier servidor norteamericano, cuando empiezen a perder "pasta" ya se encargarán sus propias empresas de apretarles las tuercas.

    Y si no, que los encule un botnet!

  • harry tuttle

    to all those who think this would not have happened had godaddy not been the registrar, remember that this was apparently requested by a government agency on a .com domain, so judging by history the domain would have probably been seized and transferred to godaddy anyway.

  • Miguel Dias

    Thats what you get by using goddady! Or didnt you know they suspend domains without due process all the time! besides why do you keep insisting using a .com .net domains!!!! wtf is

    And what is with you can use this domain or that domain or whatnot, just choose a short domain with a foreign tld with a foreign stable registrar like or that will also protect you guys from DMCA's and other american shit like that!

    Go for a .eu domain ( and are available for registration) or jotform any domain besides the ones controlled in america or by american companies (dont use .co .tv .net .com .org .info...), use 1 domain for the forms and 1 for your site, what kind of business are you guys running?!?!?

    I dont even know if this domain is from jotform or from other company, the only domain i knew was! You guys are idiots!

  • Adam Hosker

    Sorry to here the bad news JotForm. The US Government (not JotForm) are damaging my business by suspending the domain.

    I will be writing to my British MP about this abuse.

    Can I ask the items that have caused this, did you receive any take down requests? did you not comply?

  • Agnes van Veen

    Please, I am in Holland Europe. Do I use or

  • Frederik

    As a European customer, it is with great disbelief that I'm reading about this. Blocking a URL for an online company corresponds to putting it out of business. I'm surprised a government agency can simply do that without question. Smells like a totalitarian regime.

    Anyway I don't blame JotForm, I pity them for being a victim of this ridiculous censorship.

    Worst thing about this is that hundreds of legitimate businesses run into trouble while the scammers who caused this problem, just pick up and leave for the next best platform, where they will simply continue their malicious practice.

  • Geoffrey McCaleb

    For everyone calling jotform "idiots" for using GoDaddy, stfu. Any registrar would have had to comply with the order, see last weeks takedown of a .com registered at Nominet - a registrar based in the UK. They got served, they complied.

    I agree with others that it would be good to hear more details about how this came about. Did you really not get contacted in the first instance by the bank or the gov?

    Good luck either way...

  • bob

    Have you seen what they can do with drunk drivers? You're driving along and then they put you in jail. There's no due process-- until they finally put you on trial months or years later.

    That can happen to anyone at any time. We can't let the cops have this power to stop drunk drivers. Help stop this massive infringement of our rights!

  • harry tuttle

    bob... are you drunk at the moment by any chance?

  • Jay

    @Pierce Brogan - So mad bro. Do you speak to your mother with that tongue?

  • martin

    As my form was an IMPORT> WEBPAGE this is near impossible to do as the original webpage has been taken down.

  • martin crombie

    Just sorted it actually, only took 1 minute - no problems just replaced the .com with .net and cut n paste into typepad blog.

  • Nic

    The abuse toward jotform can stop ... it's out of their hands for now. But there is a lot of truth to the GoDaddy angle. is still with GD, so no telling how long it will stay up.

    As a customer, I would prefer to support a company that did not use GoDaddy, esp. after being burned by them as you were.

    Just my 2cents, please do keep us informed as you can. Thanks.

  • Rebecca

    It would have been nice if you'd sent an email notice out. I had NO idea until this morning and then I had to go do a google search.
    NOT good customer service in my opinion.

  • andrai

    The time and money Jotform has saved me in creating forms far outweighs the hassle of updating the domains. Although highly disconcerting, I think it was a crisis averted, since none of my forms went down before I could change them. I'm happy with Jotform's response, and hope that the following will happen:
    -Switch domains to a provider that won't do this again
    -separate pro forms from free users so we don't get lumped in with spammers
    -make your forum better so we can up/downvote to get rid of some of the stupid comments.


  • Tim

    Typical Godaddy, shoot first, ask questions later. It only takes a minor complain to get a domain shutdown at Godaddy.

    btw: those who posted that their forms still work using the .com domain: it's probably because your local dns server still has the dns lookup for in its cache.

  • AK

    I agree, it's understandable that this occurred, albeit worrisome.
    however as a business person i would be more vigilant in separating paying customers from free once.

  • Kenan

    Did Jotform register a DMCA agent?

  • PizzaPanther

    This is absolutely awful, but never heard of jotform till now. So hopefully it will get you some more business :-)

  • beepinkonline

    I see above, but I received an email that said which is it?

  • Jeremy Corbally-Hammond

    How about leaving GoDaddy. I recommend "" Excellent service, ethical, great up-time, etc.

  • Anon

    To JotForm - move your domains away from GoDaddy! What's the point of using the .net when it's with GoDaddy as well?

  • Emily

    I've now seen three different alternate domains.,, and I spent the whole day yesterday switching my customers to .net, only to receive an email today to switch them to .us. Which is the right one? Or will any of them work? (I really don't want to waste another day of work fixing this stuff.) Thanks!

  • david

    Cannot believe you did not send any notice to current clients that their forms no longer worked. Time to get a new provider for sure.


    Many thanks for letting me know so promptly, easily sorted, excellent service!
    **The warning email says
    Before: http​://www​.​jotform​.​com/form/123456789
    After: http​://www​.​jotformeu​.​com/form/123456789
    This doesn't work but by looking on the blog I could see the error, now works great, thanks.

  • kingkheld


  • MrOpenended

    The users and creators of this website are largely trying to enjoy our basic human freedoms and we shouldn't let a couple of bad apples spoil it for all of us.

  • Vieira Dabo


  • Jennifer

    I'm confused. Do I need to change it to (as seen in some of these blog posts) or

  • Daniel

    As Chief Operating Officer of a leading healthcare company that does home health, social services, case management, etc, I want to show my loyal support for JotForm and their services.

    One of the many forms we utilize from JotForm is a simple yet secure form that a person could complete to report abuse/neglect to seniors, children, and adults. This form and its accessibility has helped save 27 lives since August of last year...

    Perhaps this unfortunate example of unnecessary government arrogance and ignorance could have been avoided by sharper eyes and ears from the management teams at JotForm, as GoDaddy has proven itself as among the worst. On the same note, it is not entirely at fault for this inconvenience.

    Like many have posted on here, JotForm allows user generated content, just like the fact that we can breathe allows us to make "user generated communication"...

    There are too many private interests that have too many fingers in an already egotistical government with too much control. If you want to speak your mind, cuss and rant/rave, then by all means do so! But channel it to the REAL problem makers, such as legislature, private interest groups, and those who's wallets are so huge they can't see past their own nose. And not just SOPA - channel your frustrations and voices towards healthcare issues, tax problems, lack of funding for our military's paychecks or for seniors who can't afford a simple meals on wheels meal!

    I love the feedback from EVERYONE on here - just please realize that we can point our fingers as much as we want to, but there are always more pointing back at us, as a people.

    Have a blessed day - and my hat's off to you JotForm!

    OBAMA - if you want change, make it happen. Don't let private interests of the rich and powerful impede your ability to stand up, be yourself, join hands with your fellow citizens, kick out the leeches in our governments, shed the "excess calories and fat" off of America and its true sense of independence (and not DEpendence), and get with it!

  • Kayla Marcus

    My entire form is gone from my website, therefore how can I make the change to the domain??!

  • Eric Suesz

    Good luck, Jotform. I think that some of the people here are kind of whack about insisting that they know every background detail and harassing you in this space. The person who said this, for example: "Hope your shitty business dies in a fucking fire." Disgusting.

    Keep your chin up, and good luck getting this sorted out!


  • Ella Blaine

    No problem Jot. Thanks for the update.

  • Jeff

    Should have made the exodus away from Despite their "change of heart", their intentions are still the same.

  • Steve

    If someone is able to create a form with questionable content, perhaps you need to set up a keyword scan to check your users' content from time to time. I am sure you can come up with an appropriate list of keywords. If the government is involved the trouble is likely something to do with threats or encouragement of violence of some sort.

    Best of luck. I hope you get this resolved soon. Let everyone know what happened.


  • nabi

    this is outrage LOL
    i so hate whats happening and thank u for doing fast necessary action to keep our forms alive

  • Char

    I received a notice to change to yesterday. Today I received another email to change to do I need to change again?? So far is still working.

  • Roxyshox

    I know JotForm's hands are tied, it just illustrates how interconnected the web is (for God sakes, it's called "the web"!).

    I appreciate JotForm sending me an email alerting me to this issue. JotForm provides a great service to the web community and I hope this gets resolved quickly.

  • anita

    Do we have to do any changes if we use a HTML widget which embeds for form on our web site?

  • Calla Gold

    I've enjoyed your service that came to me highly recommended. I'll stay with you.
    How can I blame you for the use someone puts your app to?
    Do I Blame Colt when Cowboy A shoots Cowboy B? I do not.
    It's the wild wild web out there and we are the pioneers. So we got an arrow through our prairie schooner, I'm not leaving this wagon train.
    Good Luck Jot Form
    Calla Gold, sticking with the horse I rode in on.

  • concerned interent user

    Well this kinda makes me glad that the government is not providing our health care. If they did brain surgeons will be mandated to start using chainsaws to operate

    Best of luck Jotform!!!

    To all the upset users:

    This was done by the Secret Service
    "Secret" being the key word here.
    I'm sure the guys at jotform got next to no info for this domain suspension.

    You may want to consider a class action lawsuit against GoDaddy for taking such harsh action in this situation and understand that jotform is just as much a victim of this as you are.

  • oscar Medina

    Hello every body. Don't panic! I just did the following and all is good! Just go to log in with your credentials, the forms are there just get the code again and replace it in your site! That is it!.

  • John Holsen

    I had the same thing happen to my site about offline pc dmis. Godaddy tries to stay out of it, but told me that changing registrars results in domain name changed to my name and loss of rights to my domain name, without any ICANN complaint being filed. This was driven by product driven companies run by sales guys who see every trade name or their sales literature instance as infringement even if no product is offered for sale as on my site.

  • Adrianne

    Bummer, that sucks. Thanks for offering a solution that works!

    Are you going to stick with Go Daddy? I use them, and what happened to you scares me.

    Can you suggest a better host?

  • Franklin Davis

    Change only happens when the United citizens of the States of America do something.

    - Boycott GoDaddy. Transfer your domains away from GoDaddy. And tell them why if they ask. Use and recommend to friends to use another registrar. Let's see if we can get GoDaddy on the news the same way as NetFlix did - by losing customers.

    - Call or email the Secret Service and tell them their action towards JotForm is killing your business and to act now!

  • WaxLily

    I am outraged to hear the harsh reaction the government has taken against JotForm!! And fear this is only the beginning, especially w/ the dawning of ACTA.

    I followed the directions you've provided and tried both the .net & .us extensions w/ no avail. Forms not working. The specific site I need to get fixed is Thank you for any assistance you can offer in this matter!

  • Michael Graham

    I guess we'd all better learn Chinese, seeing that their government is taking over.

  • WaxLily

    TO ANY FELLOW AMERICANS ON JOTFORM, PLEASE VOTE RON PAUL 2012 : As president, Dr. Paul would veto ALL internet censorship legislation, remove the US as a signatory of ACTA, and rescind any executive orders written to legislate against the internet (unlike the current Commander-In-Chief, who has pledged to enforce ACTA through executive order).

    If you thought SOPA & PIPA were horrendous attacks against free speech and online business, please look up ACTA.

  • Bob

    I called them. Although the agent did not know anything about Jotform he told me to expect the service to be back up by tonight....said agents probably had to shut down the server to copy the hard drive. I explained that it was a huge imposition for thousands of legit users. He thought that was fair enough.

  • James

    We are a multimillion dollar Canadian company that has used jotform the last year for customer inquires They have been very reliable. However because of what has happened now we will have to implement an internally hosted solution to guarantee this will not happen again and ensure we will not loose our data. I will now have to question purchasing any more services from US internet related providers. If the US government is going to do this to Jotform what other dependable service are they going to go after next?

  • Eddie

    The forms on my site indeed stopped working, but I changed all the to as instructed via email. The forms now submit but my 'thank you' page will now not load because of constant redirects. Does that have something to do with the "" in the coding? Does that domain need to be changed too? Or is the "thank you" page not loading just a coincidence?

  • ray

    Let’s not panic people, It may or may not be common knowledge but many (even larger) online companies have had their share of hacking and scams. I bank with a federal credit union and they us one of the largest banks in the world as a back end company to do credit transactions. The bank was scammed thus my account was hacked as well. I still trust them mainly by the way they handled and corrected the problem.

    It’s all about buyer beware, I run ads online to promote my business and you have to see the scams that the ads attract. Lets face it knowledge is power, people need to empower them selves and learn how to look for scams. Do research on the companies they are giving their information to and don’t put your self out there so much.

    We are just asking for it when we put our date of birth full name and birth place on all the social net works. The result is the government having to step in for our own lack of due diligence to protect us from signing our lives away. Learn how to pick before you click.

    Good Luck to you Jot Form I’m behind you all the way.

  • Bob

    The fifth US ammendment states: "No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law"

    Sounds like you've been deprived of your website property without due process.

  • Mila Radulovic

    Your email blast instructs to change .com to .us, but your blog says .com to .net. Which one is it?


  • Mila Radulovic

    Hey there,
    SO sorry you went through this madness. I just changed my code - easy breezy. And all of my files are intact. Good job with this unexpected 'transition' !!! BTW - I changed .com to .net. Just once, easy. Just to let you know, your email announcement says to change to .us - not sure if this works also, but to let you know there may be a typo.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Enis

    Thank you for giving us a fast solution..


    Please is or


    http​://www​.​jotform​. me/form/123456789

  • Ian

    At the top of the blog it says change to .net and the message above says they received an email saying use .us and I have just received an email saying .me

    I changed my forms to .me and the form now appears, unfortunately no email notification has been received from a test just done.

    It is disappointing that if the website was taken down yesterday that today is the first I have heard about it and an email yesterday would have been nice.

    Regardless of who is at fault for causing the sites downtime there is no excuse for taking 24 hours to notify me.

    Goodbye Jotform

  • Monica

    My form's Wordpress URL is:

    And changing it to: didn't work for me...any suggestions?

    Thank you and hang it there! It'll probably get worse before it gets better.

  • HStidwill

    Independent of the suspension issue, I had cancelled my subscription in late December, 2011 followed by an email confirmation from Plimus support. I was then surprised to receive an email request from an individual after the fact. I just received the Jotform suspension email because "you have a Jotform account." No, I did, but no longer. Thus far I see no record of a billing. There is a communication problem somewhere.

  • David Smith

    This is an example of what happens when people expect something for nothing. There is nothing "free" in this world, including Web forms. This is also a case where the U.S. Government is over-reaching and being intrusive. JotForm may well need to end their "free" service and charge a nominal fee just to stop phishers from causing these problems.

  • Frans Balkon

    OK thanks, I modified the submit form on and the link to your site as well.

    This is ridiculous and hope you will manage. Probably hosting in America is not a good idea at all, lol.

    Death to SOPA and ACTA and all the other powers that wish to control the free internet!

  • Derrick

    Just wanted to say this really sucks but that everyone should support JotForm 100% throughout this.

    It's not JotForm's fault scumbag politicians have hijacked the internet.

    Indeed, the greatest threat to the internet is not 'hackers'. It is the agencies of government who seek to control, censor, and disable it.


  • Jan H

    I got an e-mail saying to change the domain to jotform.ME and this blog says to change it to jotform.NET. I see in the comments there was also an e-mail that went out saying to change it to .US. Which is it?

  • Robin

    Increasingly, I'm not a fan of GoDaddy. Don't want to imply that I am, because that's not so.

    HOWEVER, I'm just increasingly confused after reading all of this, including the article linked at the top.

    If the Secret Service was involved, could GoDaddy have refused to take down the domain? Could any domain registrar based in the US have refused to take down the domain?

    If GoDaddy could have refused, especially in the light of the incredible absence of due process, they should have. But don't they have to do what the government tells them to do? Did they actually have a choice here?

  • Bill

    Looks as if is also down. I have lots of forms and clients on these. Is the pro site going to still work or is it also part of the block?

    Need to know so that my forms will work.

  • David

    Just changed my forms to .eu, simple job which took minutes, very impressed with the notification. My sympathies are with you.

  • boanerges

    mis formas fueron suspendidas ya arregle el problema muchas gracias una vez usa demuestra su abuso contra el mundo es incomprensible como van a bloquear este sitio por que alguien que no les conviene a ellos utilice su excelente servicio gracias desde venezuela

  • Robert

    For all those blaming platform stop blaming them this could happen to anyone.

    Blame there user he was abusing the services and not JotForm Team they're trying there best to get everything resolved.

    If it wasn't for JotForm which I use to use as a billing center now use a better one my site would've dead

    Thanks to JotForm my site site is still alive.

    Atleast they made the best attempt by updating URL's so your forms are still alive.

  • Judy Bell

    I need more instruction. Just adding that new link doesn't fix anything. My entire form is gone and I need it back immediately.

  • Ian

    Jotform is an excellent service and I am happy to continue using the site. Unfortunately some people tend to jump to conclusions without finding out the facts first. I hope this matter will not have a detrimental effect and that jotform will continue to offer its invaluable service for years to come.

  • Dale

    As others have mentioned, I appreciate Jotform's quick response to this problem.

  • Lanzelle

    Changed mine. It was easy enough. Thanks

  • Stephen

    Folks, this may be a practice of SOPA. 9 times out of 10, it is. STOP it before it gets too out of hand. We have a voice.

  • debbie

    tried to change but it's still not working :/ advice?

  • Bob

    Thanks for the care. All my forms are working with the new setup.

  • Jim

    If this is so hard on you, why not learn a little html and make your own form? Sure, it takes a little longer but it's not rocket science. Plenty of free examples on google.

  • Brad Nickel

    Just received an email from VP at Godaddy and CEO that you are back up and running. Congrats!

  • Douglas Lord

    I love jotform. We need to stick together.

  • Andianka

    Sorry, I'm confused.. the message above says we should change it to .net.. so is this a phishing message I got or what?

    "Action Required:
    JotForm Forms on Your Website
    Because of a Godaddy suspension, our jotform​.​com domain is currently disabled. Since, we do not know when the issue might be resolved we recommend changing your forms from to You can read more details in our blog.
    To make sure your forms continue operating, we have created new domains. Please change your form URLs on your web site from: to"

    Just making sure. Please advise.

  • Bernd Moerken

    So does that read like "move your cloud business out of the US and at least off GoDaddy!" ?

  • Bill

    I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. It's a shame and My gov and Godaddy are to blame. This could have been handled in such a better manner. It show's the very lack of understand of the industry that leads to abuse of the power they have in a case like this.

  • bellfam1

    I received an email informing me to change from:
    Iam using a free account. Are these the correct details? As i have noticed in a lot of these posts that some have been told to use .net

  • Englipedia

    I support you Jotform! I have 7 forms hosted with you and will not even THINK about switching providers!


    BTW, it doesn't matter that GoDaddy switched service back on, the fact that they switched it off translates to we need to get the hell out of dodge and host somewhere else.

  • Joy

    Hi Jotform people - so sorry you ended up being the very squeezed filling in the sandwich. I thank you for the wonderful service you provide, and for your prompt alert re the problem. Keep up the good work and ignore the whingers.

  • Wayne

    After stressing out about this over the last couple of days, my sister (who was totally unaware of the situation) sent my the following video:

    It certainly puts things in perspective! :)

  • jc

    you provide a great service,I will continue to support jotform.

  • Ken Conaway

    You have provided great service to our non-profit animal rescue site for years. We've save 8,000 dogs and cats from death in 9 years. Probably 50% of that is from web based queries and of those web based queries, at least half of them have been as a result of Jotform. So, you folks deserve a huge thank you for 2000 animals you've helped save from the gas chamber. Again thank you! and a huge steaming FU very much to GoDaddy and the freakin police state.

  • Daniela Tappata

    If i replace that in my web it works, but the images in my form within jotform page doesnt show the photos becuase they were uploaded in, is there any chance you can change the links automatically, I mean i can change my html page but i cant reupload all the photos in my forms. can you?

  • john

    My forms are still not working. I did not change anything because jot reorted that things are back up. Do I need to change things or not?

  • Addictive1

    Jot Form is the best out there regarding forms for websites! It's the criminal government taking over all our god given rights. They are so full of S***T. Just like the TSA groping kids and the GMO foods poising us and Fluoride in our drinking water giving us cancer and BPA in all plastic containers sterilizing us and the chem-trails that have aluminum and barium chemicals and the forced gardisil shots for 12 year olds in California and the ATF shipping in the guns to Mexico so the sinaloa cartel can wipe out it's competition. This government needs a good a** kicking by true patriots of the republic. Stay strong JOT FORM we have your back, since our public servants are too busy breaking all the laws in the book that they wrote,sorry bastards. INFOWARS.COM --LEARN IT--LIVE IT--PREACH IT!

  • sarfaraz

    is it resolved yet??

  • hector

    I`m from Brazil and domain jotform.COM is working normally. Is it suspended only in the U.S?

  • Liz

    I hope you send this info to BIG media outlets like CNN's people I forget Colber, Anderson Cooper, 60 minutes... This is BIG news as big brother moves in and affects So many people.

    Good job jotform. Although was a pain to change everything (I stopped midway thru when I realized most of the forms were working and I went to old and saw it working again too).

  • Mai

    Jotform is innocent!

  • Kui

    PLEASE SUE THEM. Post a website up and accept donations to pay the legal defense or some lawver could voluntary take your case. And yes you have a case here. SUE THEM. Both Godaddy and the Secret Service. They dont take down Gmail for sending Spam do they do? Or youtube?

    This was clearly a mistake and you should sue them. There has to be something that takes things back on track and shows Godaddy that they cannot do what they want just because they can.

  • idarktech

    You've done a great job!

    Go JotForm!

  • Anil

    If Secret Service really were 'that' smart, why didn't they zero-in on the 'Phisher-men' who actually created those forms? I'm sure Jotform would surely have helped them get to those culprits.

    Banning a useful site like Jotform is completely ridiculous use of powers they have.

    Jotform must sue them for a few millions. This can't be tolerated.

  • Rein Vrugt

    Checked my websites. There seems to be no problems at all.

  • Patrick P

    You have my sympathy and support! I've been disgusted before by the lack of due process in website takedowns, but your case seems especially egregious! And if the government is now giving "can't be bothered" rather than "national security" as the reason for not telling you what you accused of, well, I'll give them points for honesty, but not much else.

    I searched to see if anyone had created a petition on this yet, but I couldn't find one, so I started one myself:

    Not that I'm holding my breath for the government to change their practices, but one has to try, right?

  • Adriano

    Good luck my brothers! Espero que logo esteja tudo resolvido!

  • Dave Zan

    "Increasingly, I'm not a fan of GoDaddy. Don't want to imply that I am, because that's not so.

    HOWEVER, I'm just increasingly confused after reading all of this, including the article linked at the top.

    If the Secret Service was involved, could GoDaddy have refused to take down the domain? Could any domain registrar based in the US have refused to take down the domain?

    If GoDaddy could have refused, especially in the light of the incredible absence of due process, they should have. But don't they have to do what the government tells them to do? Did they actually have a choice here?"

    They do. But...Go Daddy chose to shut down the domain name upon being notified by (apparently) the Secret Service.

    It's actually covered in their legal agreement, similar to those of other registrars.

  • Charles Rosario

    This is horrible! Just a small business that is paying taxes and now we get hit with having to figure out how to make forms another way. I hope SOPA dies soon!!!!!!!!

  • Corinne Orde

    Look on the bright side, JotForm team. All this extra publicity will probably turn out to be good for you in the end! I understand is now up and running again, but as I have now spent half a day changing all my links and scripts to (not just on my websites but in many email templates too), I hope I can now leave them in EU land — until the next scare!

  • fabiola

    Does the suspension lift mean that I no longer have to take any action on updating my forms?

  • Kathy Rubel

    I'd like to thank all the media buzz surrounding this issue for bringing your company to my attention. I now have an easy to use provider for web forms! Hope your business only picks up as a result of this unfortunate turn of events. Best wishes to you all!

  • Jeremy Tarpley

    Thanks guys, we are running hosted jotforms at our university - redirecting .com to .net on our servers fixed our forms.

    Was surprised to find that our self hosted installation depended on I'd like to see this changed in a future update. We have privacy / stability requirements. I understand the application calling home to validate licensing and such but it seems like there should be a way to allow for both.

    We have loved jotforms and have invested heavily in migrating to it. I really hope this can be fixed so we can continue to rely on your great product.


  • Homeland Security

    bottom line is that the Goverment and corporate elite will do what they want. One day we can spit on them as they are dragged through the streets.

  • phil

    "From doing my own research it look like RSA did in fact contact godaddy over user crated forms used in a phishing scam against Standard Bank, out of South Africa apparently. I guess jotform needs to do a better job of screening for malicious content though this is a battle anyone that allows public postings / hosting of files must fight."

    comments like this are ABSURD ... what if I use Microsoft Word to write something not acceptable by the thought police gestapo??? ... The burden is not on a service provider to enforce the law ... it is law inforcement that is responsible for deciding what is legal or not? ... service providers will have to start reading, analyzing and censuring the content their clients create. ARE YOU FU#KING SERIOUS???

  • bill

    wont use your site if it wont be up 99% of the time. Sorry just lost a customer

  • Janeth

    my biggest concern is that the US or for that matter any government can shutdown a site WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!!!!

  • Barry Soweto

    This is just more proof that we need to impeach Obama and remove his jackbooted thugs from their Czar positions. If we don't, this is only the beginning of things to come.

  • William P. Riley-Land

    Impeach the whole government!

  • American

    So you WILL be ending your business relationship with "Cave-In Daddy" correct? I can't imagine that after such a display of caring less about a customer's rights and doing what the law doesn't require them to do just because it was "requested" that any sane business people will continue to rely on Go Daddy.

  • Krisztian

    Suspending the domain is BS!
    But not informing the customers is a shame. Accidentaly discoveed that the form is missing from all of my webistes.

    You should update the google gadget so that users can point it to te .net domain or mention that they can simply use an iframe wrapper.

    Apart from this stupid issue Jotform has a great service!

  • VillorBlue

    Estou no Brasil e meu formulário esta ok, porém já mudei a url de acesso.

  • labradi

    help me

  • hamza



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