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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


Don’t miss out the latest posts! Suspended

As a part of an ongoing investigation about a content posted in our site, a US government agency has temporarily suspended our domain. We are fully cooperating with them, but it is not possible to say when the domain would be unblocked.

To make sure your forms continue operating, please change your form URLs on your web site from to Here is an example:



Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE: Many people on the comments assumed the content was posted by us. This can happen to any site that allows public to post content. SOPA may not have passed, but what happened shows that it is already being practiced. All they have to do is to ask Godaddy to take a site down. We have 2 millions user generated forms. It is not possible for us to manually review all forms. This can happen to any web site that allows user generated content.

UPDATE 2: If you need to change form URLs many pages on your site, here is guide on how to do search and replace on many files.

UPDATE 3: TheNextWeb has posted a story with more details. 

UPDATE 4: We have moved our other domains to NameCheap and Hover. 

UPDATE 5: Techdirt's take on the domain suspension. 

UPDATE 6: SUSPENSION LIFTED: As of Feb 16th 5pm EST, our domain stopped pointing to Godaddy suspension name servers, and seems to be pointing back at our correct domain name servers. We have not received any confirmation from Godaddy or Secret Service. We are hoping this would be the end of the suspension. It was a very difficult 2 days for us and for our customers. 

Arstechnica, The Raw Story, CNET and Wired are now covering the suspension. Also, comments on Hacker News, Reddit and Slashdot have been very supportive. We appreciate that. 

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • hamza


  • labradi

    help me

  • VillorBlue

    Estou no Brasil e meu formulário esta ok, porém já mudei a url de acesso.

  • Krisztian

    Suspending the domain is BS!
    But not informing the customers is a shame. Accidentaly discoveed that the form is missing from all of my webistes.

    You should update the google gadget so that users can point it to te .net domain or mention that they can simply use an iframe wrapper.

    Apart from this stupid issue Jotform has a great service!

  • American

    So you WILL be ending your business relationship with "Cave-In Daddy" correct? I can't imagine that after such a display of caring less about a customer's rights and doing what the law doesn't require them to do just because it was "requested" that any sane business people will continue to rely on Go Daddy.

  • William P. Riley-Land

    Impeach the whole government!

  • Barry Soweto

    This is just more proof that we need to impeach Obama and remove his jackbooted thugs from their Czar positions. If we don't, this is only the beginning of things to come.

  • Janeth

    my biggest concern is that the US or for that matter any government can shutdown a site WITHOUT DUE PROCESS!!!!

  • bill

    wont use your site if it wont be up 99% of the time. Sorry just lost a customer

  • phil

    "From doing my own research it look like RSA did in fact contact godaddy over user crated forms used in a phishing scam against Standard Bank, out of South Africa apparently. I guess jotform needs to do a better job of screening for malicious content though this is a battle anyone that allows public postings / hosting of files must fight."

    comments like this are ABSURD ... what if I use Microsoft Word to write something not acceptable by the thought police gestapo??? ... The burden is not on a service provider to enforce the law ... it is law inforcement that is responsible for deciding what is legal or not? ... service providers will have to start reading, analyzing and censuring the content their clients create. ARE YOU FU#KING SERIOUS???

  • Homeland Security

    bottom line is that the Goverment and corporate elite will do what they want. One day we can spit on them as they are dragged through the streets.

  • Jeremy Tarpley

    Thanks guys, we are running hosted jotforms at our university - redirecting .com to .net on our servers fixed our forms.

    Was surprised to find that our self hosted installation depended on I'd like to see this changed in a future update. We have privacy / stability requirements. I understand the application calling home to validate licensing and such but it seems like there should be a way to allow for both.

    We have loved jotforms and have invested heavily in migrating to it. I really hope this can be fixed so we can continue to rely on your great product.


  • Kathy Rubel

    I'd like to thank all the media buzz surrounding this issue for bringing your company to my attention. I now have an easy to use provider for web forms! Hope your business only picks up as a result of this unfortunate turn of events. Best wishes to you all!

  • fabiola

    Does the suspension lift mean that I no longer have to take any action on updating my forms?

  • Corinne Orde

    Look on the bright side, JotForm team. All this extra publicity will probably turn out to be good for you in the end! I understand is now up and running again, but as I have now spent half a day changing all my links and scripts to (not just on my websites but in many email templates too), I hope I can now leave them in EU land — until the next scare!

  • Charles Rosario

    This is horrible! Just a small business that is paying taxes and now we get hit with having to figure out how to make forms another way. I hope SOPA dies soon!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Zan

    "Increasingly, I'm not a fan of GoDaddy. Don't want to imply that I am, because that's not so.

    HOWEVER, I'm just increasingly confused after reading all of this, including the article linked at the top.

    If the Secret Service was involved, could GoDaddy have refused to take down the domain? Could any domain registrar based in the US have refused to take down the domain?

    If GoDaddy could have refused, especially in the light of the incredible absence of due process, they should have. But don't they have to do what the government tells them to do? Did they actually have a choice here?"

    They do. But...Go Daddy chose to shut down the domain name upon being notified by (apparently) the Secret Service.

    It's actually covered in their legal agreement, similar to those of other registrars.

  • Adriano

    Good luck my brothers! Espero que logo esteja tudo resolvido!

  • Patrick P

    You have my sympathy and support! I've been disgusted before by the lack of due process in website takedowns, but your case seems especially egregious! And if the government is now giving "can't be bothered" rather than "national security" as the reason for not telling you what you accused of, well, I'll give them points for honesty, but not much else.

    I searched to see if anyone had created a petition on this yet, but I couldn't find one, so I started one myself:

    Not that I'm holding my breath for the government to change their practices, but one has to try, right?

  • Rein Vrugt

    Checked my websites. There seems to be no problems at all.

  • Anil

    If Secret Service really were 'that' smart, why didn't they zero-in on the 'Phisher-men' who actually created those forms? I'm sure Jotform would surely have helped them get to those culprits.

    Banning a useful site like Jotform is completely ridiculous use of powers they have.

    Jotform must sue them for a few millions. This can't be tolerated.

  • idarktech

    You've done a great job!

    Go JotForm!

  • Kui

    PLEASE SUE THEM. Post a website up and accept donations to pay the legal defense or some lawver could voluntary take your case. And yes you have a case here. SUE THEM. Both Godaddy and the Secret Service. They dont take down Gmail for sending Spam do they do? Or youtube?

    This was clearly a mistake and you should sue them. There has to be something that takes things back on track and shows Godaddy that they cannot do what they want just because they can.

  • Mai

    Jotform is innocent!

  • Liz

    I hope you send this info to BIG media outlets like CNN's people I forget Colber, Anderson Cooper, 60 minutes... This is BIG news as big brother moves in and affects So many people.

    Good job jotform. Although was a pain to change everything (I stopped midway thru when I realized most of the forms were working and I went to old and saw it working again too).

  • hector

    I`m from Brazil and domain jotform.COM is working normally. Is it suspended only in the U.S?

  • sarfaraz

    is it resolved yet??

  • Addictive1

    Jot Form is the best out there regarding forms for websites! It's the criminal government taking over all our god given rights. They are so full of S***T. Just like the TSA groping kids and the GMO foods poising us and Fluoride in our drinking water giving us cancer and BPA in all plastic containers sterilizing us and the chem-trails that have aluminum and barium chemicals and the forced gardisil shots for 12 year olds in California and the ATF shipping in the guns to Mexico so the sinaloa cartel can wipe out it's competition. This government needs a good a** kicking by true patriots of the republic. Stay strong JOT FORM we have your back, since our public servants are too busy breaking all the laws in the book that they wrote,sorry bastards. INFOWARS.COM --LEARN IT--LIVE IT--PREACH IT!

  • john

    My forms are still not working. I did not change anything because jot reorted that things are back up. Do I need to change things or not?

  • Daniela Tappata

    If i replace that in my web it works, but the images in my form within jotform page doesnt show the photos becuase they were uploaded in, is there any chance you can change the links automatically, I mean i can change my html page but i cant reupload all the photos in my forms. can you?

  • Ken Conaway

    You have provided great service to our non-profit animal rescue site for years. We've save 8,000 dogs and cats from death in 9 years. Probably 50% of that is from web based queries and of those web based queries, at least half of them have been as a result of Jotform. So, you folks deserve a huge thank you for 2000 animals you've helped save from the gas chamber. Again thank you! and a huge steaming FU very much to GoDaddy and the freakin police state.

  • jc

    you provide a great service,I will continue to support jotform.

  • Wayne

    After stressing out about this over the last couple of days, my sister (who was totally unaware of the situation) sent my the following video:

    It certainly puts things in perspective! :)

  • Joy

    Hi Jotform people - so sorry you ended up being the very squeezed filling in the sandwich. I thank you for the wonderful service you provide, and for your prompt alert re the problem. Keep up the good work and ignore the whingers.

  • Englipedia

    I support you Jotform! I have 7 forms hosted with you and will not even THINK about switching providers!


    BTW, it doesn't matter that GoDaddy switched service back on, the fact that they switched it off translates to we need to get the hell out of dodge and host somewhere else.

  • bellfam1

    I received an email informing me to change from:
    Iam using a free account. Are these the correct details? As i have noticed in a lot of these posts that some have been told to use .net

  • Bill

    I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. It's a shame and My gov and Godaddy are to blame. This could have been handled in such a better manner. It show's the very lack of understand of the industry that leads to abuse of the power they have in a case like this.

  • Bernd Moerken

    So does that read like "move your cloud business out of the US and at least off GoDaddy!" ?

  • Andianka

    Sorry, I'm confused.. the message above says we should change it to .net.. so is this a phishing message I got or what?

    "Action Required:
    JotForm Forms on Your Website
    Because of a Godaddy suspension, our jotform​.​com domain is currently disabled. Since, we do not know when the issue might be resolved we recommend changing your forms from to You can read more details in our blog.
    To make sure your forms continue operating, we have created new domains. Please change your form URLs on your web site from: to"

    Just making sure. Please advise.

  • Douglas Lord

    I love jotform. We need to stick together.

  • Brad Nickel

    Just received an email from VP at Godaddy and CEO that you are back up and running. Congrats!

  • Jim

    If this is so hard on you, why not learn a little html and make your own form? Sure, it takes a little longer but it's not rocket science. Plenty of free examples on google.

  • Bob

    Thanks for the care. All my forms are working with the new setup.

  • debbie

    tried to change but it's still not working :/ advice?

  • Stephen

    Folks, this may be a practice of SOPA. 9 times out of 10, it is. STOP it before it gets too out of hand. We have a voice.

  • Lanzelle

    Changed mine. It was easy enough. Thanks

  • Dale

    As others have mentioned, I appreciate Jotform's quick response to this problem.

  • Ian

    Jotform is an excellent service and I am happy to continue using the site. Unfortunately some people tend to jump to conclusions without finding out the facts first. I hope this matter will not have a detrimental effect and that jotform will continue to offer its invaluable service for years to come.

  • Judy Bell

    I need more instruction. Just adding that new link doesn't fix anything. My entire form is gone and I need it back immediately.

  • Robert

    For all those blaming platform stop blaming them this could happen to anyone.

    Blame there user he was abusing the services and not JotForm Team they're trying there best to get everything resolved.

    If it wasn't for JotForm which I use to use as a billing center now use a better one my site would've dead

    Thanks to JotForm my site site is still alive.

    Atleast they made the best attempt by updating URL's so your forms are still alive.