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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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Beta Testers Wanted: Form Templates Gallery

We always want to make sure JotForm users can accomplish their tasks quickly. Creating a form from scratch can sometimes feel daunting and time consuming. You have to spend a lot of time to come up with the questions and answer options. You may need to research on the google about similar forms. It is really a lot of boring work. That’s why we decided to do the hard work for you, and cut you some slack.

Our designers and developers spent many hours to come up with an efficient and fast design to browse form templates. Our support team has spent countless hours researching forms, and categorizing them. We are still not quite there yet, but we plan to have 500+ ready made forms by the time we launch.


Another great thing about the new Form Templates Gallery will be that it is social. You can share forms, and you can use forms shared by others. Just like a good wine, the templates gallery will get better and better with time. JotForm’s 750,000 strong users will add many useful forms and we will make sure to review all new forms to keep the quality high.

Would you be interested in joining our beta program? All you need to do is to write a comment below and we will start your beta right away! 


  • shmooze

    cool, html5 forms included?

  • funforepkids

    Sounds awesome!

  • Clubstep

    Sure. Why not :)

  • Jackie Leavitt

    Would love to see and test the new features. :)

  • Misty Minna

    I use jotform for my photography business and it's the best I've found. I'd love to be a beta tester. Thanks!

  • mlobianco

    Absolutely. I wouldn't be a proper geek if I didn't try it out. :)

  • gomoi

    Cool, count me in!

  • Ben

    Count me in!

  • Manfred

    Sounds very interesting!

  • Daniel

    me too!

  • dpDesignz

    count me in. got clients who would love these

  • Ron Blaisdell

    Love to help test, especially if HTML5 and mobile forms are included.

  • livingweb

    templates do make things faster! thanks for thinking!!

  • Laura Bowman

    I am really excited about this. We have been thinking of doing our job applications online instead of having them mailed in. This will make my job a lot easier. Thank you!!

  • Muzammil

    I'm really interested in this feature!! :))

  • Rajesh

    All yours ;)

  • imartla

    Super excited and interested! Pls count me in! :)

  • jlongshore

    I love jotform and want to beta test!

  • thedailycitizen

    Sign me up!! I am always up for testing something out.

  • Barbara

    Would love to be included.

  • jlongshore

    Please add me!

  • RachaelF

    yes, count me in!

  • semayjr

    Bring it on! I'm ready to contribute...

  • satellitelink

    I would like to give this a try :)

  • Jody

    Always looking for ways to improve!

  • aarwine

    Definitely interested!

  • jenn0

    Yes please.

  • SDM


    This already a great platform and further improvements are always welcome.

  • ApplePlanet

    I would like to try the beta! :) Thanks

  • hermansiam

    That's nice!

  • 281janitorial

    Yes I am interested in beta testing this. You guys are great!

  • GigaTech

    Would love to see and test the new features. :)

  • Vedel Jordan

    It will be a pleasure to contribute to your beta test :)

  • Vedel Jordan

    It will be a pleasure to contribute to your beta test :)

  • mathquiz

    I would love to test this

  • madenew82

    yes please

  • msaccelerator

    Love JotForm!!

    Keep doing more ....

  • tinym

    Count me in

  • ButlerStudio

    ok, I can.

  • Chase

    I want to be a beta tester please...

  • webguy33

    sounds interesting,

  • stevenharris

    Please sign me up

  • getholly

    I would be very interested in this, especially if it allows me to customize forms much more.

  • dariobauer

    I've already got a good one to share, nice feature!

  • felipe_sasa

    please count me in. looking forward to test the new feature.

  • Yeong Jiun

    Count me in please! Jotform is the best!

  • matt12671

    Give me beta or give me death!

  • Kyle Cossey

    This answers my question, no need for beta this needs to be available to all Jot users now!

  • emac81

    Count me in!

  • convenus

    Love to be involved as I am always looking for new ideas thanks

  • thebusyproject

    Great - yes please! :)

  • BrickellLegal

    yes, please!

  • creativedynamics

    count me in

  • oderasys

    Certainly! Count me in.

  • agreenlady

    YES! I'd love to join your beta program.

  • sharmavijay79

    I would love to join the beta program.

  • palacesales


  • hdsears

    Interested in joining the beta test.

  • ywammadison

    We'll join!

  • jasonmariah

    Hi, Count me in!

  • zaibunissa

    Yes, Please!!
    I'm really interested :)

  • ladylaza

    Count me in! Thanks

  • ignitead

    We would love to join. Count us in!

  • Tweet4Ok

    Go ahead, make my day :-)

  • William Jones

    Sounds like we are moving forward.


    Very Interested! Send Away!

  • iEdit

    I would love to try.

  • rara2000

    Sure, let me test it!

  • Asalama

    count me in :)

  • Hispanicarts

    Sure, i would love to try too!

  • The_Mighty_Optiq


  • headline

    ... me too please. :-)

  • ncrs

    I would appreciate the opportunity to be included in the beta test.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Fahowde

    ابي اسجل بتابجوي اشلون ممكن تعلموني بليزززززززززز ضروري

  • homechef

    Yes Please

  • gbrchagas

    Let's go then! =)

  • Willnara

    Nice one.

  • naxa

    Weuse today hundreds of your forms, it's the best platform for webmarketing contact!!
    We surely would love to be beta testers!!

  • CTSemAdmis

    Would love to help out!

  • a2034487

    Sure :-)

  • temperancemag

    Count us in too.

  • fashiongirl

    Would love to give this a shot!

  • johnkellygreen

    Sign me up for Beta testing! You've already got a great product.

  • shaunnaylor

    Sign me up :-)

  • davidslavick

    Really excited to test out form templates this is going to be a great opportunity.

  • Michael DaCosta

    yes, please sign me up

  • feylesof

    yes please

  • gibranrashaud

    cool, i would love to participate. When can I begin BETA?

  • Mathew123

    I would love to start the BETA testing. Please sign me up!

  • yasinco

    I want to test it out please.

  • Renate

    count me in!

  • ferroza


  • leob74

    I want a template JotForm

  • tuckr2000

    count me in... I'm lazeeeee

  • HotelCasaAromadeCafe

    cuenta conmigo

  • RJSK

    Sounds really good, I'm up for it!

  • joshclients

    I want to be apart of the beta, sign me up

  • petermurtagh

    Love to help with beta testing. Count me in

  • glenbrae

    that would save a lot of time, some veterinary/animal templates would be appreciated!!

  • woeterman_94

    Wow, looks awesome
    I love to help with beta testing :)

  • diaconaalsteunpunt

    sure, would love to be testdrive

  • rocchedellasala


  • RenoAntonio

    Sou inicante, vai ser ótimo

  • maxdezignz

    Im in

  • natpock

    new to form creation and would be excited if there were forms premade i could use!


  • vegasnight

    Me too plz!

  • ayemell

    My forms company just kicked me out of the boat and told me I can renew for an extra $20 a year. No thanks... I think I'll take "easier and free". :)

  • richdesigns

    Sounds Awesome!! Count me in!! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. Jotforms ROCKS!!

  • hyattsocial

    Count us in!

  • maivutan

    If I am in the Beta Tester. Then I want to change my mind and I want back to not Beta Tester can?

  • gtebrake

    Looks interesting! Would love to be part of the beta.

  • silouette

    Count me in :)

  • gianfranco

    count me in

  • StayfixCorporation

    Looks Great!

  • DebbieTanis

    I'd like to be included

  • Chrys Burton

    I would be delighted to help. I have just discovered Jotform and I am sure it is going to become one of my goto applications.

    I am currently experimenting with Seamonkey Composer and NetObjects Fusion Essentials with no major issues.

  • rudenj

    I'm in

  • houssamdine


  • sigmapi

    I'm Interested! Add me to the Beta list!

  • barca100

    thanx it's veRy uSefUl

  • pensalab

    Please, include me!

  • FilipaKBP

    Count me in!

  • FilipaKBP

    Count me in!

  • gnomon

    I'm curious as well!

  • annette7061

    Can't wait to test

  • modelsource

    would love too just have a new html 5 website

  • pamkruger

    Include me please

  • Victor Lourng


  • oohilovemy

    SUPER SUPER!!!!!!

  • jtech

    Is it too late to signup?

  • VelopWeb

    I'm interest!!

  • LeadersAtHomeGroup

    Count me in!

  • Whizkid4


  • plajuett

    Thanks Ayteki!

  • rasgomes

    Please, count on me!

  • David

    I would like to be part of the Beta Test. Sign me up!

  • MySiteRegistration

    yes i do :-)

  • loganr725

    i will beta test almost any features you want me to!

  • anunziante

    Getting ready to lunch my new school Joomla site...and I was going to use my old form generator...but this is way better...Count me in

  • AmSteve

    am interested and quite adept at finding bugs.

  • cvrarealtist


  • Frugal Diva Designz

    I would love to contribute.

  • pigdog

    Is this still available?

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