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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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Form Templates Gallery Released: Over 500 Ready to Use Forms!

We are happy to release the world’s largest collection of form templates. It is all FREE and ready to use today!

Blazingly Fast
One of our main design goals was to make sure that the form templates can be found and consumed quickly. To accomplish this goal our engineers come up with a blazingly fast search engine that is powered by backbone.js and MongoDB. We have also taken screenshots of all of the forms. So, you can search for a form keyword and quickly view the forms visually under a second.

Amazing Coverage
We have done a lot of research on the most commonly used forms. Our first thought was that 100 forms might have been more than enough. When we reached 100 forms, we were still not happy with the coverage. So, we kept creating more and more forms. We now have over 500 form templates. With such a wide coverage, when you need a form you will find a template exactly for your needs. If you cannot find a template you are looking for please post a comment below and we will make it happen! :)

One of my favorite features of Form Templates is to be able to see how many times a form was cloned by others. You can sort forms by usage numbers and discover useful forms.

Form Templates will also be a rich and lively place since you can share your forms with others. We hope that many JotForm users will share their forms.

share on form gallery

Mobile Friendly
Creating a form on a mobile phone or tablet is not an easy task. So, using a template can make a big difference. That’s why we made sure that Form Templates works well on mobile browsers and tablets.

form templates on ipad

No Account Required
Form Templates can be used without creating a JotForm account. Find a form template you need, clone it, setup emails, and copy the form code to your web site. In 5 minutes, you can have a great looking and fully-functional form on your web site.

We are very excited about Form Templates. We hope that you will also enjoy it and it will save you time. If you have any suggestions please share with us in the comments.

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • Den Ribbons

    What is my username and password ?

  • corinnebible

    Wonderful to have so many new templates! Brilliant!

  • bayonle

    All ur services are awesome,i really appreciate ur service,u have enable me to create form easily.please i want u to simply guide me to form template that has a sign up and loging page,a feauture that will enable my site visitor to simply register and track thier registration throuh a login page.thanks in advance.bayonle kolapo from nigeria.

  • Maribel Frey

    can I call and have someone walk thru all the features with me
    that suite my business? I want to call early next week. Your email
    updates are great, but I am not tech savy and would like to talk to someone on what may work best for my business.

  • axion

    The visual forms are very poor..

    Please upload a best forms

  • mark_lundren

    JOTFORM is the best in the west son!

    you guys had me worried a little with the whole CIA>

  • Solomon66451

    Ваш ресурс мне очень нравится! Я очень доволен егоработой и простотой пользования! Спасибо!

  • Jorge

    Excelente facilitador. Muchas gracias

  • bradley

    Great! This will save me time.

  • Michelle

    Friggin amazing. Love these templates. Thanks!

  • Budhiarso

    It's a nice stuff, thank you very much....!

  • webxsites

    YOU GUYS ROCK! The new templates are AWESOME! Keep up the good work! - Vicky, webdesigner

  • accommodationyourway

    Thank you Jotform

  • Steve

    Excellent... Great Idea

  • Karen Batchelor

    We've used JotForm and thought it was great. But frankly - these new forms take your service over the top!! Especially when they can be used for the mobile websites we design. Thanks JotForm!!

  • Cristiano Silveiro

    Guys I did not check the new templates yet... But I thank You so much for this excelent service,keep it up! ;)
    Thank You, once again!

    Best regards to all your team from Brazil! :D

  • Jieranai Maier

    Congratulations. I will try it. Looks very good. I tested it before. Thank you,



  • Joe Caruso

    This is by FAR the best service I've ever had the pleasure of finding. It's the greatest thing since the invention of the internet. Keep up the great work!!


    How about an auto repair shop night drop envelope form?

  • rvm2

    Jotform is the best!
    Thank you so much for the perfect

  • finalcutking1


  • unitjang

    ชอบมากค่ะ ขอบคุณที่มี jotform

  • Omar4

    Buenisimo...felicitaciones Jotform saludos desde Colombia.

  • Starla

    I have been having terrible SPAM problems with the contact form on my website. I was given an answer by my server, but I can't do it. I'm not that knowledgeable about codes. Then I heard about Jot Form from a colleague; so I tried it. Yay! It works on my site, my spam problem is solved & I couldn't be more satisfied. Will take a look at the other forms offered when I get a chance. But for now, Thank you very much!

  • Peggy Kelly

    Jot Form is the BEST!!!! Love it and thanks for simplifying my work!

  • ahundov

    Great addition, guys! Your service is outstanding, compares favorably to most other form builders out there. Now with the templates, it simply is the best!
    I am a happy user of JotForm and do not hesitate to recommend it to others.
    Sal Akhundov
    Precision Zone, Inc

  • HelloNingbo

    Your templates are GREAT and very useful.
    You guys in Jotform are doing an amazing job!!

    BTW just a small technical question. Why don't you ever use the CSS style (cursor: pointer;) for your Submit button?
    I always add this CSS in the "Inject Custom CSS" field so it is not at all a problem.
    Just wondering why you don't put it straightforward because to see a small hand for me is more natural than the same arrow used for the rest of the page...

    Not a criticism, just a VERY satisfied user's comment :-)

    Keep up the great job! I do keep on recommending Jotform to anyone around!

    Paul Jones

  • kffdn

    The form templates look great! Thank you for your diligence in making JotForm ever more successful. As an event planner, I appreciate the ease and organization of creating my event registrations! I know that I will use many of these form templates in the future.

    Thanks again!

  • serdar

    It was great until i saw my test message did not received because of monthly limit.And i have learned it does not free.So i make my form, takes 1 month without any web and related knowledge but i did.If jotform was free i have never know what css,php,javascript etc. make so i would like to thank you.

  • valyku

    Спасибо огромное создателям данной услуги. Это действительно очень удобно и быстро.Любую форму можно использовать

  • lagcity

    i really appreciate using jotform and i will for ever be thanx alot jotform

  • lsbradley

    This is a great site!! I enjoyed it. It's helpful and user-friendly.
    I now need a form to create a log on or log in.

  • chiumbo chitundu

    many thanks jotform developers, greetings from nairobi, kenya

  • shadi

    هادا الموفع ولا احلا منو تعالو وتفرجو يا جماعة الخبر

  • Fuad Abdulle

    i am very happy to hear that thank you for jotform developers greeting from cape town south africa