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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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add calculation field

Introducing Field Calculations for Forms

We are excited to announce our new Form Calculation Widget, an amazingly powerful math engine for your forms. We've worked together with many JotForm users to find the perfect set of calculation features to make this widget easy, fun and powerful.

So, if you are looking to introduce simple additions/subtractions to your forms or even advanced mathematical equations this widget is exactly what need.

size="3">Let's Create a Calculation Form

1. In the Form Builder, click on "Form Calculation" under Widgets toolbox.

2. When you add a Form Calculation widget to your form, a formula wizard will launch. Click on "Add Field" to use one of your form fields in the calculation formula.

calculation field

3. Write your formula:

form calculation formula

4. Save it and your form is ready!

Example Form Templates

We have created many example calculation forms for you. You can view them in the Calculation Forms section of the Form Templates gallery.

calculation form templates

Advanced Math Functions

You can access these functions in the calculation wizard. 

advanced math functions

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • digiosolutions


  • FenDesigns

    I want to Know if i can make an option : Make multiple case of "radio" or "Multiple" with lot of filds of numbers to result multiples result between deferents radio or multiple in one case.

  • gicargentina

    Can I create a price / quote calculator for the products in my website?

    I need the users to sellect the product name and variations or colors / sizes and the form should add the values

  • teamgearint

    Is it possible to incorporate with or inside a pay tool?

  • CitygateBmth

    Would you be open to adding Matrix elements to this widget (which is great, by the way)?

    We use them in a couple of forms (example here: ) and they're really useful for collecting data with columns for prices.

    It would be really useful if we could add matrix cells to calculations.

  • bleonard8

    Will the form calculator be able to do table lookups? I would like to have the widget supply a number based on looking up ranges of numbers and then doing a calculation. For example, if the number is between 5500 and 7500, then the result would be 660 (the result from the table for that range) plus 15% of the amount greater than 5500. This would allow tax calculations, although the formula would be much more complex than this example.

  • nathanwhillans

    ** This is great. >> Is there going to be more features for conditional statements which can work with the calculation field. I'm specifically thinking "more than" or "less than"

  • impcat

    Awesome...can the calculation widget integrates with Paypal...same query as David King...without having to configure the Paypal module to accept "donations" and ask the users to report the amount of the calculated field manually into the payment field. thanks

  • Richard Kershaw

    Well done for developing such a technical toolset for Jotform users. Thanks for keeping my customer queries rolling in...

  • David king

    Can you use the calculation widget with a PayPal booking form. Say your booking form ask questions and depending on the answer yes or no you add amounts to charge via PayPal.

  • izen

    You guys simple rock!! I had been trying calculator with help from support team. Now it's a feature - can't thank you enough. Keep it coming :)

  • rintie

    Great function though! I only had a little issue, I can't add the calculation to the 'thank you' page as a formfield.

  • rintie

    Is it possible that if some one checks a checkbox it adds like 50?

  • TentMA

    Is there an IF-THEN calculate function?


    I was a user for years and several months I shut it down....I now wish to reopen our account.

    Please have a rep give me a call

    352 250 5076

  • Richard

    What about IF clauses? This would be really useful.

  • Таисия

    Интересное обновление. А как это можно использовать и для каких целей?


    Muy bueno, imagino que esto sirve para que el usuario consulte el presupuesto en linea y envié los datos. Felicitaciones. Jotform, lo mejor en formulario.

  • raviprashanth83

    That's awesome! I am going to use. Will give my feedback, wait for me.

  • Althea

    Thank you! I've been hoping you would do this soon!

  • Mike Stombaugh

    How do you ad formatting to a result. For example, have it return "$10.00" instead of just "10", or even simply "10.00" instead of "10"?