Announcing 300+ templates for Jotform Apps

Announcing 300+ templates for Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is a no-code app builder that’s easy to use while being powerful enough to create useful, custom apps. In short, it can quickly launch any business into the rapidly expanding mobile market. That alone is worth recognition. But with Jotform Apps, there’s more to the story.

This new and versatile Jotform tool also streamlines internal workflows by consolidating multiple forms into one app, substantially improving the way Jotform users can share online forms.

And it’s simple to get started. Seamlessly move your forms into an app and add custom text, documents, external links, and more with Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder. There are more than 300 app templates to choose from and an abundance of options so each app is unique.

But with so many templates, how do you know where to begin? Not to worry; here’s an introduction to 10 different types of app templates to help you get started.

1. Booking app templates

Schedule appointments of any kind with more than 40 different booking app templates, including industry-specific options. Veterinarians, mechanics, photographers, hair stylists, and more can hit the ground running with app templates created specifically for them.

Plus, each template can be fully customized to showcase your unique vibe. Alter the color scheme or font, personalize the splash screen, upload images, add or change forms, and more. An interactive calendar makes it easy for your clients to select the right date and time.

When you’re finished creating your app, share it with a link, in an email invitation, or with a QR code, or easily embed it into your website for a simple way to collect appointment requests. Data is conveniently stored in your Jotform account, where you can sort and organize it or export it to a third-party tool.

2. Management app templates

Managing people or tasks can be difficult — that’s why managers earn more than others. But the job doesn’t have to be an energy suck. For some managers, a little help can go a long way.

Jotform Apps can certainly be of assistance. Manage fleet vehicles, employee directories, work orders, business contacts, visitor sign-ins, and more with one of 30-plus different management app templates.

The least favorite task of many managers — shift scheduling — has its own template, equipped with forms that handle shift handovers and shift-change requests, in addition to pre-shift tasks.

Submissions are conveniently stored in Jotform Tables and viewable as a spreadsheet, a calendar, or individual cards.

3. Inspection app templates

Trade in your paper inspection form and clipboard for a mobile device equipped with one of the inspection app templates from Jotform Apps. Inspect work zone safety, food safety, HVAC systems, and real estate, to name a few options.

An online damage assessment report form, complete with a portal to share photos and electronic signature capability, comes standard with Jotform’s damage assessment app template, which can be used in a wide array of fields. Or take advantage of task-specific templates that inspect mosquito and asbestos levels or assess the integrity of a roof in need of repair.

Additionally, you can inspect fleet vehicles, fire preparedness, roads, dams, and more, all without the fuss paper forms can create, especially at a busy jobsite.

4. Healthcare app templates

Doctors, dentists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and more can take advantage of healthcare app templates designed specifically for their industry. Jotform Apps provides the ability to track patient appointments and health data, all with HIPAA-friendly forms.

Personal care is another use case for Jotform’s healthcare app templates. The birth plan app can help expecting mothers set goals and note their preferences for delivery, while the anger management app can help people take stock of their daily emotions.

Employers can monitor employee health with an employee health check-in template that includes a COVID-19 daily symptom tracker form.

Nurse and doctor’s note app templates can help healthcare workers stay organized and keep accurate medical notes. The information is kept safe with Jotform’s security measures, and notes can easily be converted to a PDF file if needed.

5. Nonprofit app templates

For any nonprofit, resources, or the lack thereof, can be a daily barrier to productivity. Jotform Apps allows nonprofits to keep a record of volunteers and donations with a charity profits app, which includes a donation tracking form and a volunteer application form to help you record data more efficiently.

If you simply need to keep track of donations, there’s a donation app that can streamline the process. Places of worship can modernize, too, with a church app that contains donation forms, contact forms, prayer requests, and more.

6. Tracker app templates

There’s a lot to keep track of in business. Thankfully, Jotform has 30-plus tracker app templates that can provide assistance. Track everyday tasks, sales, projects, priorities, and more.

Farmers and agricultural workers can track vital farm and crop data, including soil type and pH level, with the agricultural survey app template and crop scouting app template. Photography studios can track photo release documents with the photo release app template. And Jotform’s serial number tracking app template can help keep track of company equipment, saving you from headaches, both literal and figurative.

7. Construction app templates

Much like the farming industry, technology has an ever-increasing role in the construction field. The construction estimate app allows customers to submit project requests and estimates the total cost for each project.

You can reduce paperwork and streamline workflows with a construction change order app, a job bidding app, a home maintenance app, a construction daily log app, or an  equipment rental app.

A snagging app provides an easy way to view and update your “snag list,” construction slang for a list of tasks to be completed on a building project. Easily mark tasks completed in an app that each person on the project can seamlessly view and update.

8. Restaurant app templates

The restaurant industry is notoriously competitive. As proof, just think about all the restaurant openings and closings in your neighborhood as the months and years go by.

But restaurants can stay on top of thin profit margins with a kitchen inventory app or run a tight ship with a restaurant management app that includes opening- and closing-procedure checklists for staff, in addition to a manager review form.

Alternatively, create a mobile app for your customers. They can make a reservation, order for pick-up or delivery, pay ahead of time with one of Jotform’s payment integrations, or even leave a review.

There are several restaurant app templates, including a restaurant employee screening app to help employers comply with local COVID-19 health restrictions and a template for the chef to make a recipe app.

9. Retail app templates 

Much like restaurants, retail shops face fierce competition. With Jotform Apps, businesses of all sizes can seize an advantage with help from Jotform’s retail app templates.

Keep a precise count of stock on hand with a retail inventory app or tap directly into the growing mobile market with the e-commerce app template. Similar options include an order ahead app, a wine delivery app, a flower ordering app, a food delivery app, a courier delivery app and more.

Local markets can leap into the delivery game, too, with a grocery delivery app. The bakery app can take any bakeshop to the next level by making it easier for customers to place orders. The clothing store app and the boutique app have the power to transform a small business into one on the rise.

10. Education app templates

Every industry has been impacted by the pandemic, but in education, the stakes are especially high. As everyday life changes, the world’s youth can’t afford to stop learning.

With Jotform Apps, teachers, parents, and students can build custom apps to help them negotiate remote learning or hybrid school schedules.

The classroom management app can record students’ attendance and progress; the parent app allows parents to access and provide student data from any device; and the school scheduling app allows students to view their class schedule remotely.

Perhaps most important for all involved, the homework management app provides an open channel of communication between teachers and students as work is assigned and turned in via the app.

Altogether, that’s a lot of app templates. But there are scores more. Plus, you can always start from scratch with a blank slate if that’s what you prefer. Chances are, however, you’ll find exactly what you need from one of Jotform’s 300-plus app templates.

Luke is a multidisciplinary writer whose expertise encompasses B2B, SaaS and sports. He co-authored Jotform for Beginners Volumes 1 and 2 and covers product tutorials, customer stories, third-party connectivity and more for the Jotform blog. A former associate editor at NorthBay biz magazine, Luke moonlights as a sports writer. His work has been published by USA Today, Yahoo Sports, and others, and he’s covered live sporting events for the Argus-Courier in Sonoma County, Calif. You can reach Luke through his contact form.

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