Announcing our Stripe Checkout integration

Announcing our Stripe Checkout integration

Imagine you have an interested buyer for your product. They cruise your attractive website, pick out the amazing product they want, and go to your checkout. Then, when it comes time for the big moment, they abandon your cart.


For many customers — especially outside the U.S. where credit card culture isn’t as prevalent — it’s because the payment method they’re comfortable using isn’t an available option. 

Alternative payment methods (such as digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, regional and local payment options, BNPL, and more) have been one of our most requested features, and we’re happy to make them available now through Stripe Checkout.

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Jotform’s Stripe Checkout integration can help you increase conversions by giving your customers or patrons more ways to pay via mobile-friendly digital wallets and regional payment methods in over 135 currencies. 

Stripe Checkout also supports payment in more than 25 languages. And you won’t need to worry about security because Stripe Checkout provides a secure payment page that’s PCI and PSD2 compliant with a mix of fraud prevention tactics.

Best of all, this new functionality is covered under your standard Stripe account because Jotform charges no additional transaction fees.

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Be it Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, or SEPA, everyone’s preferred payment method may vary based on device, geography, and even industry. As a result, whether or not you provide alternative payment methods can dictate whether you convert a new buyer.

In fact, Stripe Checkout’s own early users saw up to a 46 percent increase in conversions after enabling local payment methods.

This is big news for two reasons: You can now cater directly to your mobile, digital wallet-inclined customers, and you now have the wherewithal to expand the borders of your potential audience into other countries.

Right now, alternative payment methods (APMs) account for more than half of total e-commerce spending across Asia. North America is seeing a big upswing in adoption of contactless cards and mobile payments, and APMs are expected to capture over 50 percent of the market by 2022.

If you’re ready to increase your chances of gaining new customers or patrons by giving them the payment options they’ve been waiting for, let’s dive into Jotform’s new Stripe Checkout integration.

A word about Apple Pay and Google Pay…

Digital wallet payment methods are on the rise. The majority of web traffic now comes from mobile. We’re on our smartphones and mobile devices more than ever, which means your customers are too.

In addition to meeting the payment preferences and expectations of your consumers, offering a digital wallet can increase your purchase or donation conversion rate and give you an increased level of security. Plus, your customers will love not having to manually type in card or shipping details.

Take a closer look at our Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations through Stripe Checkout.

Stripe Checkout takes your order forms “beyond the card”

You may be wondering what the difference is between Stripe and Stripe Checkout.

While our “regular” Stripe Payments integration allows users to enter credit card payment information directly on your form, Stripe Checkout seamlessly redirects users to the Stripe website to process payment. This opens up a range of potential future checkout features like real-time card validation, fraud prevention, one-click payment, and more.

With a Stripe Checkout enabled form, you can create a hosted payment page that automatically adapts to your customers’ device and location, and will dynamically show the payment methods that are most likely to improve conversion.

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How to add Stripe Checkout to your form

To begin, when creating your online payment form with our Form Builder, click on Add Form Element and select Payments. Then select Stripe Checkout as your payment gateway from our list of integrations.

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You’ll be prompted to connect your Stripe account to get started. From there, you’ll enter your Stripe credentials and be prompted to use two-factor authentication (2FA) for security.

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Once you’ve verified the account, you’ll need to configure the payment settings to start accepting Stripe Checkout payments. Within Jotform, you can set the currency, payment types (products, subscriptions, or donations), and a host of other payment gateway settings including discounts.

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At the bottom of Additional Gateway Settings, you can add coupons from your Stripe account or enter your own. Click Continue to add new products; add shipping, tax, or invoice details; and edit product details, including stock management.

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When your new form is updated and ready, you can embed it in your site with the web code or distribute it as you normally would.

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When your customers or donors visit your site and/or get access to your order form, they’ll proceed through your checkout process as usual.

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Once your customer lands on your hosted payment page on Stripe’s server, the enabled checkout page will dynamically reflect the payment method and language and that’s best suited for the end user’s device and location. In the example below, I used my laptop in Oakland, California, to fill out the form and go through checkout, so the default language is English.

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In the second example, I filled out the order form and used checkout on my iPhone in the same location. Notice the difference in the payment methods offered on my cell phone example (Apple Pay) vs my laptop example above (credit cards).

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In the cell phone example, a user can still pay with a card if they like, but they have the option to pay using Apple Pay.

According to Stripe, on average, your customers will check out three times faster when paying with Apple Pay or Google Pay, making for a better customer experience. With the continued and expected growth of digital wallets, your organization will be better positioned for success if you use Jotform’s Stripe Checkout. 

Your checkout settings on the Stripe Dashboard 

Within your Stripe Dashboard, you have all the checkout and branding options you’ll need to ease the payment process and create a great experience for your customers. 

Select the checkout options you want, such as address auto-complete and one-click payment using Link with Stripe. You’ll also enjoy real-time card validation with built-in error messaging, third-party autofill, and more.

Did you know

…In the Checkout and Payment Links section of your Stripe dashboard, you’ll see Apple Pay and Google Pay options under Faster checkout. However, mobile wallet payments will be auto-enabled globally for all Jotform customers, so the work will be done for you on the back end.

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Customize your checkout page with your brand logo, colors, and other elements so you can see how it will appear to your customers. You can also preview how your checkout page will look on a desktop vs a mobile device. 

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Improve your customer payment experience with Stripe Checkout

You can now pair the perfect no-code form solution with the perfect no-code payment solution; collecting data and converting your orders or donations has never been so efficient. And you pay no additional transaction fees through Jotform’s Stripe Checkout integration.

By enabling Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and a host of regional and local payment methods with Stripe Checkout, your business will be in great shape to increase sales (or donations), gain flexibility for mobile payments, and expand your reach to new markets.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing your payment process is as secure as possible. For example, if you’re based in Europe, or you’re looking to grow your European customer base, PSD2 — a European regulation mandating stronger online security — requires strong customer authentication (SCA) for online payments. Stripe Checkout helps you meet these requirements by automatically handling SCA for you.

Last, SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area) is only one of the regional payment methods Stripe Checkout enables. U.K. customers can conveniently pay via Bacs; in the Netherlands, where the bank transfer method iDEAL covers 55 percent of all online purchases, customers will be able to use their preferred method; your prospective customers “Down Under” can use the popular direct debit method BECS; and German customers will say “ja” to using Giropay. There are also more payment methods covering other major parts of the world.

Don’t wait; improve your customer payment experience with Stripe Checkout today.

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