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payjunction and jotform

New Integration: Power Your Payment Forms with PayJunction

PayJunction’s sophisticated payment processing and Smart Terminal remove a lot of payment-related stress for US-based businesses. And now a new integration with JotForm expands your options for getting paid online. 

If your business operates in the United States, this integration gives your customers a paperless, easy way to pay you. Plus, if you’re already using PayJunction’s smart terminal in your business, this integration is the perfect complement. 


A few reasons why businesses love PayJunction:

  • - Processing rates as low as 0.80%
  • - Smart terminal that accepts payments from multiple device types and cards
  • - Completely paper-free receipts and signature capture
  • - HIPAA compliant

  •                             See a demo PayJunction payment form in action.

You can get started using this integration first by creating a PayJunction account. If you already have one, just select PayJunction from the payment options listed on the right side of the form builder when you’re editing your form. 

Then just enter your PayJunction login credentials to complete the integration. 

payjunction payment form

Easy as that! Or just click here to add the app to your form.

PayJunction’s smart terminal has helped organizations all over the United States process payments in person, and now a new integration with JotForm opens enhanced possibilities for collecting payments through online forms. 

Do you have any experience using PayJunction? Have you tried the integration? Let us know below! 


  • Tury

    Hey, on occasion I get a 404 website error when I view this website. I thought you may wish to know, cheers

  • dianemctigue

    I need a way to safely gather credit card numbers and signature authorizations without processing the card. I provide the credit card numbers to various travel vendors. I don't want to pay a fee on money I'm not processing. Help!

  • Laura North

    I need a way to securely gather credit card information and signature authorizations without processing the card. I have to process the credit card payments with our travel suppliers and I don't want to pay a fee on money I'm not processing. Thank you.

  • Hope Bakker

    Hi -
    Is this TLS 2.0/PCI compliant?

    Thanks for responding!

  • Eugene

    I'm looking to accept payments to support an upcoming event. There will be different levels of sponsorship depending on the amounts donated. Would it be better to use PayJunction or Paypal? I would add the buttons for the different sponsorship levels in the form. Thanks!

  • Panasenko

    I do not have the skills to use this payment form

  • Panasenko

    I do not understand how to fill all this ?????

  • Wendy Long

    Thanks for sharing the article. Now I know why businesses should use Pay Junction.
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