How to create a form in Squarespace

As you probably know by now, Squarespace is a website builder with a lot of features — really, a lot of features. Among those features is a form-building tool. And as with so many other things with Squarespace, building forms is quick and easy. 

Let’s learn how to add a form to your website. Then we’ll cover what you can do with it.

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Adding a form to your page

Getting started with Squarespace is pretty easy. Just pick a type, topic, and template for your website, and you’re good to go. So let’s skip all that here.

We’ll start with adding a form. Click the Edit button in the upper-left corner of your website’s preview. Then hover over any section and click the Add Section button.

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Now a popup will show you a menu of the different sections you can add, as well as previews of template style options. Choose Form, then pick any template you like. You can change everything later. 

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So, now you have a form on your Squarespace site. If that’s all you needed, then you’re done. Thanks for reading!

But chances are that you’ll want to change a few things. You may want to add or rename fields. You can also add just a form block without creating a whole new section. Let’s look at that first.

Each section contains blocks. The form section in the preview above contains a title, spacer, and form blocks, for example.

You can add your own blocks to a section by hovering over a block and clicking the plus button above or below it. That will show you a menu of blocks you can add. And that’s how you can add a form block.

Now that we have a form, let’s look at what we can do with it.

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Exploring form editing and options

Let’s take a closer look at the form block. You can do that by clicking on your form and then the edit icon that appears above it. That opens a side menu with a number of options.

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From that menu, you can rename your form and change the text on the form submission button. There are also sub-menus to let you change your form’s fields and add a thank-you page. Click Edit Form Fields to get a list of all of the fields in the form. 

Click one of them to access a sub-menu of options. Each field type will have different options, but they all should let you change the name of the field, delete it, or set it as required. Hit the back button to return to the field list.

In the upper-right corner of the list, there’s an Edit button. That will let you rearrange and delete form fields. 

To see the full list of fields that you can add, click the Add Field button in the Edit Form Fields sub-menu. There are quite a few options, so we won’t go over each one. Most are self-explanatory. Feel free to play around and explore. 

What else can you do? Not much. If you want to do more, you’ll need a better solution.

Leveraging a dedicated, robust form solution

If you look at Squarespace’s pricing and features pages, you’ll see very little about forms. Squarespace offers forms because it tries to offer everything you need, but forms are clearly not at the forefront of its offerings.

Often, solutions like Squarespace’s forms start strong but will leave you hungry for more after a short while. For example, you may want to collect electronic signatures, accept payments, or allow users to upload files through your forms. If so, you should consider a dedicated tool like Jotform.

Jotform is the most robust form tool of its type on the market. You may be thinking, Who needs yet another tool when Squarespace does so much? The thing is that Jotform is free to use and plugs into Squarespace seamlessly.

You have nothing to lose by using a better form tool — and you have everything to gain.

This article is originally published on Jan 06, 2022, and updated on Nov 25, 2022.
Lee Nathan is a personal development and productivity technology writer. He can be found at

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