Announcing new Stripe ACH Manual integration

There’s a new, cost-effective way to accept Stripe ACH payments through JotForm. Stripe ACH Manual offers organizations a fast, secure way to transfer debit payments between bank accounts.

If you accept large payments, then ACH may be the way to go. Think rent collection forms, high-value donation forms, or payment forms for utilities.

In order for someone to pay you through your form, all they need to enter is their bank routing number and account number.

Try a Stripe ACH demo form.

Another version of this integration required users to use Plaid, which is great for instant bank verifications but comes with a higher price tag.

In this version of the integration, you can connect to your Stripe account just by clicking and logging in through the Jotform form builder.

Here’s a quick guide on getting started.

1. From the form builder, find Stripe ACH under the Payments tab in Form Elements. Just click the icon to add it to your form.

Announcing new Stripe ACH Manual integration Image-1

2. Click on the “Connect to Stripe” button to launch a popup window where you can securely log into your Stripe account.


3. Now all you have to do is configure your payment details through JotForm. If you’re selling something through a form, make sure to customize the price details and product name, as well as add any images.

Announcing new Stripe ACH Manual integration Image-2

Did you know that Stripe offered ACH payments? Are you collecting money through online forms? Tell us about it in the comments below.

This article is originally published on Jan 17, 2019, and updated on Mar 29, 2022.
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