3 ways to optimize your photography website

When it comes to marketing your photography business online, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of tactics you can implement.

In fact, the search term “how to market your photography business online” returns 467 million results, while “web marketing for photographers” returns 695 million.

As a busy professional photographer, you don’t have time to sift through millions of results, read hundreds of blog posts, or try six dozen different online marketing strategies to generate more leads.

What you need is an effective online marketing strategy that leaves plenty of time for mastering your craft and working with clients, and it all starts with your website.

Your website is the central hub of all the online marketing you do, so it’s imperative that it be optimized to attract ideal prospects, convert prospects into high-quality leads, and transform leads into dream clients.

While the tips here aren’t of the easy-to-implement-in-under-an-hour variety, they do make up the foundational work that every business must do to get traction online and stand out among the competition.

Kimberly Houston is a conversion-focused marketing copywriter. She loves helping established creative service providers attract and convert their ideal clients with personality-driven web and email copy, so they can stand out online, and get more business, bookings, and sales.

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