1/3 CAIMUN 2013 Committee Staff Application

1/3 CAIMUN 2013 Committee Staff Application

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1/3 CAIMUN 2013 Committee Staff Application
  • CAIMUN 2014 Committee Staff Application

  • Dear Prospective Staff Applicant,

    I would first like to thank you for your interest in CAIMUN 2014! CAIMUN is proud and thrilled to be holding its third conference, and we are honored that you wish to be a part of it. The committee staff application process will include the online application form and an interview. For the most part, the interviews will be held during winter break and staff training will be during spring break.

    CAIMUN’s goal has always been to educate youth, raise awareness about the issues that plague society, and inspire youth to make a positive difference in the world. You – the staff – are inevitably a crucial part of being able to achieve this goal. As staff members, you will be able to influence and shape how the conference will be run for all the delegates in your committee. All staff members not only act as the mediator during committee sessions, but also as guides and mentors.

    As the Chief of Staff, I wish you the best of luck, whether you are applying for Director, Chair, or Assistant Director. I, along with the rest of the Secretariat, am looking forward to meeting and working with you throughout the following months. Please feel free to contact me at chiefofstaff@caimun.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

    Jeff Wu
    Chief of Staff
    Canada International Model United Nations (CAIMUN) 2014