1042 Networks

1042 Networks

1042 Networks Form Preview
    • 1 Apply Online  
    • After applying, you will receive email from:

      • CCSFjobs@sfgov.org confirming application receipt
      • Jenny.Rotondo@sfgov.org containing test instructions
      • noreply@fasttestweb.com serving the Online Test link

      Add these addresses to your contacts to whitelist them through your spam filter (vCard)

    • 2 Test Online  
    • After passing the exam, your application will be considered:

      • for all current positions in the same specialty and level
      • for all future positions in the same specialty and level for 12 months
        • respond only whenever you're interested
    • 3 Get Ranked  
      • 5 Business days after testing
        • Receive email from Jenny.Rotondo@sfgov.org about
          • Which levels your score can qualify
          • Your score's rank
        • Check your score calculation for accuracy
      • Optional: apply to other levels that your score and skills can qualify
    • 4 Get Interviewed  
      • Departments will contact you about their matching positions
        • Available at the time of your application
        • Available over the 12 months following your application
      • Respond only when you're interested
    • 5 Get Checked  
      • If you're the finalist after the interview, then we'll check your background
    • 6 Get Hired  
      • If you pass the checks, accept the offer, and document employment eligibility, then you're hired!
    • APPLY to all Journey-Level Network Positions  
    • Key Minimum Qualifications (MQs)

      • 3 Years of experience in analyzing, installing, configuring, enhancing and/or maintaining the components of an enterprise network
      • Or 1 year of experience and an Associate degree in computer science or a closely related field from an accredited college or university

      The above is an abbreviated set of MQs. To view the full set, click here.

      Departments may have additional requirements.

      Your application will be considered for all current and future Journey-Level Network Engineer positions for 12 months. An application accepted less than 12 months ago is automatically considered for any new positions until it expires.


      View all other current Journey-Level Network Engineer positions

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